[Dangers of fake cod]_cod_fake_affect

[Dangers of fake cod]_cod_fake_affect

Deep sea cod has extremely high nutritional value, but deep sea cod is becoming rarer and rarer on the market. You should know that many cods on the market are not real cods, and many of them are posing as oil fish. This fake codIt is very harmful to the body, and everyone must carefully identify it.

First, the harm of eating fake cod First, oil fish is a deep-sea fish, which is rich in oil and fat, accounting for 18% to 21% of body weight, especially wax esters.

Because the melting point of wax ester is as high as 1,000 tons, because the human body cannot decompose and absorb it, it will cause diarrhea after being stimulated, and the orange-yellow oil ester is discharged, but it will not be poisoned.

Although the wax ester contained in oil fish is not toxic, it is difficult for the human body to digest and accumulates in the rectum. As a result, some people will experience discomfort such as diarrhea and gastrointestinal ulcers after eating.Anal may.

Some experimental reports show that after 44 people ate oilseed fish, 20 people experienced discomfort, of which 16 had oily diarrhea, 10 had gastrointestinal cramps, 7 had headaches, and 5 had vomiting.

If someone accidentally eats cod posing as oily fish, the above symptoms will appear in 30 minutes, but most people will recover in two seconds.

Second, what is fake cod? To understand fake cod, we must first know what real cod is.

There are many types of cod on the market today. How many kinds of fish are called “cod”?

In fact, cod is just a common fish trade name. There are 500 types of fish that can be called “cod” logically, and there are more than 10 kinds of common fish on the market.

In the market, cod is also used by the common name of a variety of fish (including some non-cod-like fishes), which is called a fish belonging to the family Naked cover. Its common Chinese name on the market is “cod”.

So, what is the true face of fake cod?

It turned out that the real body of fake cod sold in the market is actually oil fish.

Oil fish is the general name of the spiny scale lepidoptera and heteroscale snake scales. It is commonly known as spring fish, nicknamed “round cod”, “cod-like cod” and so on.

Oil fish belong to the common carp family. They live in mountains, rivers, or caves with flowing water, and rivers have springs. They are mainly distributed in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the Minjiang River, and the middle and upper reaches of the Xijiang River.

Feeds on larvae of diatoms and aquatic insects.

Oil fish has been banned from eating in many countries.

Among them, Japan lists them as “toxic fish” and prohibits imports; Italian officials list them as prohibited species.

However, there are currently no regulations that prohibit or restrict the consumption of fish such as oil fish.

Third, how to distinguish between true and fake cod Method 1: Look at the price Cod is an endangered fish species. The catch is strictly limited. In addition, its origin is not China, so its price cannot be too cheap.

Cod generally weighs at least 200 yuan per kilogram, while oil fish generally does not exceed 60 yuan per kilogram.

If we see cod that is too cheap, we must buy it carefully, and we must not covet it.

Method 2: Trying to touch this method is difficult to distinguish between the two frozen, but after thawing, the cod will feel very smooth to the touch.

Touch the skin after thawing, the cod is smooth like a mucus film, while the oil fish is relatively rough.