[How to choose kiwi _ preliminary kiwi is delicious]

[How to choose kiwi _ preliminary kiwi is delicious]

Because kiwis are easy to break and not easy to store, many people choose hard kiwis when buying kiwis.

In fact, there are many tips for selecting kiwis. If you want to choose delicious kiwis, you must also pay attention to the color, appearance, size, hardness, and glossy kiwi of the kiwi.

This article introduces the tips for choosing kiwi, let’s take a look.


Look at the colors.

When choosing kiwi fruit, it is recommended to choose yellowish-brown peels and shiny ones. At the same time, the hair on the peel is not easy to replace. Generally, kiwis like this type are sweet and delicious.


Look at the appearance: pick kiwis must be sharp-pointed, not flat ones like duck mouths.

The duck’s mouth uses hormones, and the chicken’s mouth has not used hormones or less hormones.

The whole ripe kiwifruit is super soft. Buy it when you pick it. The color is close to earthy yellow. This is a symbol of excess sunshine and sweeter.


Look at the size.

Generally, not most of the fruits are overlapped and sweeter. It is better not to choose large fruits blindly. Generally, small fruits are not worse than large ones. Generally, it is recommended not to choose them if the fruits are abnormally large.


Look at the hardness.

Carefully touch the whole body of the fruit carefully and choose some harder fruits.

Don’t try to avoid those that have become soft as a whole or have soft spots.

Because if the part is generally soft, it will be easily broken without putting it on. Also, pay attention to whether the surface is complete, whether there is a depression, and whether it is elastic.


Look at the whole.

Full body, better without injury and disease, it is better to show faint green.

The amount of epidermal burr varies by species.

And the kiwi should be tender green at the junction, this kind of freshness, the color is dark and sweet around the junction.


Smell the aroma.

Fully ripe kiwi has a soft texture and aroma, which is a suitable state for eating.

If the fruit is hard and elastic, without aroma, it means that it is not ripe.

If the fruit is very soft or swollen, and has a strange smell, it is a sign that it is overripe or rotten.

Today I will share the above tips and tricks for everyone. I believe that everyone knows how to choose when choosing kiwi. When you understand it, it will be simple. Let everyone intuitively understand how to choose fruit is the best or mature.
Tips: The kiwi fruit that has not yet been cooked can be sealed with a plastic bag and left to stand at room temperature for about 5 days. Generally, it can be matured naturally.

If you want to ripen faster, put apples and kiwi together.

For kiwi which is not for now, it is best to wrap it in a plastic bag and keep it in the refrigerator.