Xu Xian in white looked at Fahai, the Buddhist master, drinking and eating meat under his persuasion,Lazily leaning on the chair,Said with a smile。

“correct,How does the master plan to deal with this person behind the scenes?”
Seeing eating meat there in no hurry,Fahai drinking wine,Xu Xian in white asked with a smile,Preventing enlightenment is like killing a parent,He is very curious about how Fahai will act。
“First of all,Shemale love,According to what Doctor Xu said,Let this person and monster get along for a while,If you haven’t awakened yet,The little monk ignored it,Good for good,Retribution,Not not to report,It’s not time,The little monk believes that this person and a demon will receive evil retribution in the future,You don’t need to make too much。”
“As for the people behind the scenes,Want to stop me from practicing,The little monk will devote himself to practicing in this Jinshan Temple,After the cultivation base, the little monk will find the person behind this scene,Send him to reincarnation。”
Fahai said with a smile,With the Fahai voice falling,Endless Buddha light gushes out of Fahai,Rendered the dark night sky,Even within fifty miles of Jinshan Temple,All clearly visible,Under the light of Buddha,Even if Fahai is drinking and eating meat,Every move,Are full of flavor,Some subtle black aura also vanished under the Buddha light。
“A word,I don’t know if you should speak。”
Xu Xian in white looked at after ten breaths,Fahai, which has converged the Buddha’s light, is no different from before,but,But it made him feel a sense of threat,Knowing that this is Fahai’s demon dissipating,Mood enhancement,Performance of great advancement,Asked with a smile。
“Dr. Xu said it’s okay。”
Fahai only feels that he has changed at this moment,Become back to basics,Or the Buddha’s heart is thorough,After hearing the words of Xu Xian in white,,Said with a smile,Like a living bodhisattva,Even a normal smile,Will make people feel as if the whole mind is relaxed。
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Three Sophistry
Xu Xian in white looks at Fahai in front of him, every move is the charm,Don’t care,Said with a smile。
“Grandmaster,Ever thought of marrying a wife and having children?”