Guo Enting smiled,He naturally knows Bai Lu’s careful thinking,But not pierce。

Continue to stay with Bai Lu,Two talents walked around the community not long,And the speed is not fast,Where does the saying that the body lacks exercise。
“How is uncle’s health?”
There is no way to warm up the relationship between the two by just holding hands and walking,Guo Enting wants to find a topic that can move Bai Lu,That’s not easy?
I just cared about Bai Lu’s father’s condition,Bai Lu was interested in an instant。
“The doctor said that my father’s physical condition is stable now,If he can continue to maintain this level,There is still great hope for recovery。”
When Bai Lu was talking,There are stars in my eyes,Guo Enting next to her was obsessed with watching。
Guo Enting suddenly took Bai Lu’s other hand,Fiery eyes,What does he want,Rao is Bai Lu’s young master,You can also guess Guo Enting’s inner thoughts。
“I’m going to find my mother!”
I feel like my cheek is burned by fire,Bai Lu ran away like an escape。
Looking at Bai Lu’s back,Whether it’s a swinging ponytail,Still twisted waist,Makes Guo Enting almost crazy,My eyes are attracted by a magnet,I can’t pull it out。
Until Bai Lu disappeared in the corner,Guo Enting’s eyes have restored some clarity。
Smiled helplessly and shook his head,Guo Enting is not in a hurry to chase Bai Lu,The shantytown is so big,Where can Bai Lu go,Guo Enting knows everything。