This kind of thing,Not uncommon on the platform,Especially some male anchors,Specifically with some female anchors,Let some pervert players pay for themselves,After winning,Punish everyone on the opposite female anchor for doing some dirty actions, etc.。

She stopped yelling,Ask my big brother:“Wild wolf brother,I’ll punish the opposite anchor for something?Ssquat?”
Ssquat,Just twist the waist,Squat down,A tempting action。Some players,I like to do this kind of thing for a female anchor with a body。
“Always watchingSsquat,Boring,Lick wheat!”The wolf spoke。
Lick wheat,Just lick the microphone with your tongue,Compared toSSquatting is more suggestive。have to say,Players watching the live broadcast,I have any thoughts。
“The lady opposite,Did you hear that?My brother wants you to lick the wheat……”
Chapter Sixty Eight Exclusive player(Make up)
just,She hasn’t finished,The health bar that was almost invisible on the other side suddenly bounced over,Platform system prompt:Hu Ge presents Lily two goddess treasure chests,Worth 100,000 coins。
She froze for a while,Then screamed crazy:“Wild wolf brother,help!The opposite is listed,Will surpass us soon,Everyone wants to see benefits,All flowers and plants make up!”
Xiaoli here,The managers of the live broadcast room were equally surprised,Then shouted confidently666,What she did。
usually,There are no big players here, Xiaoli,They don’t dare to shout,No confidence!
Because of the treasure chest grabbing coins,The original audience of more than 1,000 in the live broadcast room soared to more than 7,000,Most of them are zombie viewers,useless。
Xiaoli was also blindfolded for a while,The first time I collected such a large gift,Give out 100,000 coins in one go。