“You are Lu Menglin?”Liu Guofeng’s rough voice。

“I am Lu Menglin!”Lu Menglin smiled。
Liu Guofeng’s bull’s eyes stared at Lu Menglin,Full of momentum,Murderous,Let other people can’t help but squeeze a sweat for Lu Menglin。
“I heard that you used to be the chief instructor of the Iron Lion army,Grant the rank of major general?”Liu Guofeng shouted and asked。
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao:“That’s all the same。”
“No one in the army,Make Zhuzi famous!”Liu Guofeng shouted proudly。
Heard this comment,Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,Unexpectedly, this big guy seems quite literate!The summary is very deep!
“Before leaving,Chief Li gave me a special order to die,Let us fully cooperate with you,Must protect your personal safety。Don’t worry,We will resolutely carry out the task。but,After this mission is over,I want to challenge you!Please prove it to us,Why can you be a major general?”Liu Guofeng said proudly。
“Challenge me?Ha ha!Did you make a mistake?I quit my job a long time ago!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Liu Guofeng’s eyes stared,Anger:“resignation?Why can you quit your military post,And no one has held it?”
“what!Probably because I am richer!I told them just now,My ability is to be rich!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Hearing this is obviously a perfunctory answer,Liu Guofeng’s fists were squeezed tightly,Glared at Lu Menglin,Looks like it can kill。
“What is Li Qingsong doing??Why did you send such a silly boss here??Or tell him,Change this one!”Lu Menglin turned his head and said to General Will。
General Will was shocked,Hurried forward,Angry at Liu Guofeng:“Captain Liu,Please pay attention to your words and deeds!You represent the Chinese military,Mr. Lu is an important person invited by our joint team,If you still have this attitude,I think it is necessary for General Li Qingsong to change to lead the team。”
“Report to General Will,I know!I will be during the mission,Fully protect Lu Menglin!”Liu Guofeng is straight,Shouted loudly。
“Forget it,Just him!This kind of silly big guy is best for cannon fodder!I will keep him in front。”Lu Menglin yawned,Said with a smile。
“you!”Liu Guofeng furiously said。
“You what you?It’s you who don’t know the situation?It’s like two to five or eighty thousand!Do you think you are great??Then I tell you,If you just need a power bodyguard,That golden retriever over there,Don’t look at him stubbornly,People will not lose to you if they burst out!”
“And that little girl,Her ability is to predict danger,You can know the strength of the enemy at a glance,So that we can make full use of,The principle of running if you can’t beat,More useful than you?”