“amount,I heard well paid。Even more than genuine pilots。But maybe there are not many job opportunities。Take a look,How many films are telling stories about airplanes this year?Very few.”Yichuan shook his head,Thinking in my heart,This time it’s better to choose,Then as a transition to have a capital,It’s not too late to consider what to do。

“coming,Stop talking!”
There are nearly sixty people sitting in the classroom。Why there are so few,It’s all because the school feels that even Qin Feng’s company cannot recruit many people。Maybe at most ten or so,So there is no need to prepare too much for Qin Feng’s company。And these people,It looks like a crane tail,It’s different from those students who have another way out even if they don’t work in flying after graduation.。
Qin Feng couldn’t help frowning when he walked into the classroom,no way,Because it’s a little different from what he expected。
“Dean,There are only so few people?I forgot to tell you,It doesn’t matter if I recruit a thousand people this time,And all of them are high-paid。”
“A thousand people?”Hear this number,Not to mention the dean,Even the more than 60 people present were stunned。Because from Qin Feng’s words,Is this a legendary big production。
Can hire a thousand people?Even a regular airline,Can’t eat such a huge amount in a year?
“Mr. Qin Feng,Are you kidding?Are you not an entertainment company??So many people?Could it be that,Your company is going to open an airline?”The dean asked instead of other students。
“Ok?This should be considered a company secret。After all, if we didn’t pass the first stage of screening, we wouldn’t want those students.。Although we don’t value academic achievement,But if it’s a problem even flying a plane,Then there is no way for them to enter our company。Besides,Character assessment。So it looks like we have a lot of recruits,And the threshold is low,But it’s not unrequired。”Qin Feng started talking。
“amount,Mr. Qin Feng,if you do not mind,Why don’t you go to some rest with me first
Rest room,We need to contact the school to prepare。After all, I didn’t expect Mr. Qin Feng to come here for large-scale enrollment!”The dean felt that he didn’t know enough about Qin Feng’s company from the beginning。
After all, I also said on the Internet,Just land and buildings are billions,Such a company would be simple?
Qin Feng didn’t care,Was taken to the lounge like this,Then the director said a few words and he slipped away。Because he wants to prepare a large interview field。
of course,Qin Feng had already agreed before he left,Those who have been booked by the airline should not bring them here。It’s best to pull people from back to front according to their grades.。
After all, Qin Feng didn’t want to cause chaos to some order because of his personal relationship.。
of course,There is one more thing that Qin Feng cannot say at this time。He just wanted to get a group of people to deal with the poisonous generals。
As for why you are a student of Aviation University?Because many of these people are actually angry and youthful,Plus,The death rate of the air force is actually not high。