Ai Wei – summer health may wish to try

Ai Wei – summer health may wish to try

Source: People’s Daily Author: Wang Junping experienced the hottest summer coming year, enters the human body yang height of the season.

After the awareness of disease prevention and health has gradually improved, how to spend this summer healthily has become a concern of many people.

Chinese medicine pays attention to “spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter nourishing Yin”, a column of Ai, a needle, a bowl of soup, is the three magic weapon for health and treatment.

At this time, one of the best ways to maintain health is moxibustion. Through the warm and stimulating stimulation of the meridians of the acupoints, the blood is smooth, the balance of yin and yang is balanced, and the body is strong.

As the saying goes: “The family has three years of Ai, Lang is not used.

Moxibustion is a moxibustion material with moxa as the main fluff. It is suspended or placed in acupuncture points or position parts after ignition. It uses the heat of moxibustion and the action of drugs to stimulate the gas and achieve an external treatment to prevent diseases.

Modern medicine has confirmed that the function of regulating viscera through moxibustion can promote metabolism, promote blood component changes, increase the number of white and red blood cells, and improve the body’s immune mechanism and defense mechanism.

Yang Jinhong, deputy director of the Acupuncture and Moxibustion Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, said that the Ai Ye has a northern AI, Hai Ai, and Ai Ai.

The source of the medicine is different and the curative effect will be different.

Tang Yin North Ai Jiu Xian Xian Ai, said to be named because of the flat scorpion, and is famous in the world.

Today, “Nine-headed Fairy” has been classified as a “Geographical Mark Protection” list.

There are many kinds of moxibustion methods, which are divided into direct moxibustion and indirect moxibustion.

Direct moxibustion has scarring therapy, no scarring therapy, and scarring therapy is applied less clinically.

Indirect moxibustion includes ginger moxibustion, garlic moxibustion, salt moxibustion, and aconite moxibustion.

For the average consumer, for the purpose of health care, moxibustion does not necessarily need to go to the hospital, you can use the moxibustion box to do it yourself at home.

How to choose a good product?

Experts suggest that the first is to choose the variety of raw materials, choose the authentic Ai Ye.

The second is to select the raw material of the coil, choose mulberry paper or cotton paper, and use the natural glutinous rice glue to bond the Aizhu.

The third is to look at the appearance, refined cashmere, color yellow, visible moxa fiber, full of elasticity, can be formed by pinching.

The fourth is to smell the smoke, the smoke is soft and not pungent, with a touch of fragrance.

The fifth is to look at the ash, the wormwood is burning evenly, and the ash is not scattered.

Sixth is to see the moxibustion, the firepower is mild, does not hurt the meridians, the penetrating power is strong, and the moxibustion is comfortable.

“In summer, moxibustion is the best treatment for warming yang.

Yang Jinhong said that moxibustion care can be done 1-2 times or 2-3 times a week, every 10-20 minutes.

Commonly used health acupoints are Zusanli, Zhongmu, Guanyuan, and Shenque.

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