Wang Youdao,I couldn’t help but said tightly:“Big brother!No one can help you with this!”

“nonsense,In this world,There is nothing you can’t do with money。If Dad was willing to bleed at that time,Wang Laowai’s son would not be so persistent。and also,This happened because of the third child,But after something happened?What did he do?”Wang Youfa gritted his teeth,Very angry。
Looking at Big Brother like this,Wang Youdao feels extremely uncomfortable。It seems their family is going to be separated,Scattered among the three of their brothers。
“Song Fang is my wife,Something happened to me,She didn’t take the initiative to take out her savings to save me,Why do you want a wife like this??”What Wang Youfa held in his heart,I told Wang Youdao。
Wang Youdao listen,Heart ups and downs。He really doesn’t know how to comfort him。Two years of prison,It can be reduced a bit。But their Lao Wang family have a good face,Wang Youfa suffered as a result。
On this matter,The third brother Wang Youcai does have an unshirkable responsibility,But he can’t say much,One is his brother,And the other is his brother。
Wang Youfa finally found a vent,Poured out all the bitter water in my stomach。As a younger brother, Wang Youdao can only speak nicely,Don’t let my brother hold grudges。
As the saying goes,The trouble should end it,This matter seems to have to wait for the third child to heal,The brothers started talking,Maybe nothing is left。
When Wang Youdao came out of Wang Youfa’s room,It’s already a little over midnight。Niu Huiling was arranged by Chen Yueqin to go to sleep。And Song Fang dozed off in a chair in the hall。She saw that Wang Youdao was back,I went back to my room。
Wang Degui, who was exhausted, glanced at Wang Youdao。Lowered his voice and asked:“What did the boss say to you?He came out this time,Full of hatred,I feel that we are all his enemies”
“He hated us for not using money to fish him”Wang Youdao said in a very small voice。
Listen to Wang Degui,Took a breath and said:“I got it,but…”Wang Degui sighed with regret,No more words。
“dad!Wait for the third one,Have a good talk with the boss。And sister-in-law,Everyone needs to be patient,After all, Big Brother suffered two years of crime in it”Wang Youdao whispered to dad。
Wang Degui nodded,No more words,Night seems even more silent。