“Yi Tianqi,Who are you talking about??So mysterious?”Li Yina is asked。

I heard the name of Yi Tianqi,Gu wife’s face changed。
He is actually a famous real estate tycoon,Yi Tianqi,This person is particularly surprised,The general banquet will not participate,Few some people have seen his true face,Tonight,But here is here。
“Artina,I will know later.,But I missed the blue blue,You can’t find a suitable apprentice.。”Yi Tianqi is deeply smiling。
Li Yina is slightly eyebrow,Watching again in Blue Xin,Is a fuitive girl,She likes her eyes,Particular translucent,It seems to see the people!
She laughed:“The more you say this,The more I am interested in the little girl.,Blue Xin Miss,If you don’t mind,I give you a theme,You give me a description that can make me satisfied,Give me three days later!Or after a few months later,As long as your work makes me satisfied。”
Blue Xinyi,Nodded,“thanksdareneTeacher gives me this opportunity,Then I will try it.?”Design this,Inspired,She is also uncertain!
The more this thing is going to do。
“That line,I will go back for a while.,Grouter,Then send WeChat to you,Come,We add WeChat to each other!”Li Yina looked at Blue Xin,Generous,Smile,Dazzling ,Such a spiritual girl,If you can design her satisfactory work,She is not to accept the disciple。
“it is good!”Blue Xin smiled and nodded。
Lu Hao Cheng,Let’s open a road,Let Lantin come in。
Lady see,The face is difficult to see,She also makes Gu Anan take the phone out.。
Laugh:“darene,In this case,Then, Miss Anan and Lanxin compete in each other.。”
“Can!”She smiled and nodded.。
She only recognizes the work and does not recognize people.!
Just give Gu Ai’an a chance!
Three people add WeChat,Blue Xin looks at the elegant atmosphere of WeChat avatar,Slightly hidden lips,maybe,Tonight is really right.。
Yi Tianqi, laughing, laughing, laughing,Also slightly hidden:“Blue,Uncle Uncle is in Jiangyou,What is difficult?,To find an uncle in time,otherwise,Your mother will definitely blame me for taking care of you.。”
“OK!Uncle,Then I am difficult,You have to come to trouble and uncle.。”Blue Xin also laughed。
“it is good!let’s go play!Have fun!If Haixi doesn’t come to pick you,Easy uncle sent a car to send you back。”Yi Tianqi laughs Wen Ya Ya,Take care of this little girl.,He is also welfare。
“Need not,Uncle,Xi Xi said to pick me up。”Blue Xin laughs。
“I can rest assured that!”
Yi Nianqi follows Li Yina,Say:“go,We haven’t seen you for a long time.,go there,Looking for a quiet place to sit down and talk?”
NS148chapter:I will repent it if you say what you said.

NS148chapter:I will repent it if you say what you said.
“Row,We have not met for a long time.,I thought about meeting it last time.,It’s all last year.。”Li Yina also took a cup of champagne from the serving tray,Leave Yi Tianqi。
Lu Haocheng heard that Le Zhenxi came to pick her up.,His handsome appeared in an instant,A cold breath spreads in his body。
Gu Dafe is full of blushing, blushing.,Ridicule:“Miss Lan Xin is really left and right,Since even the real estate tycoon Yi Tianqi, you know,I am trip to see you.,It turns out that you are also a backstage.!”
One sentence,Insult,Blue Xin did not care,But look at the lady,Shallow smile,“Uncle is my mother’s friend,Do you feel a problem??”
“Then you must have no father.?”Mrs. Gu said, said a sentence.,Watching her eyes。
Blue Xin’s face,Instantly pale to the extreme,That clear beauty,Brewing storm。
Insult she is not enough and mother,Also, is it to be insulting her father??
Her double punch,The mouth is still a decent smile:“Mrs. Gu,I am not Dad,but,I heard that Mrs. Gu is on the top of the public.,Have to know the book,Admirable,I didn’t expect to say that this is shocking.。”
Nu people listen,Dark road,Woman having a good teeth,but,Her emotions,Will not use it on her body。
“I guess it is like this.,Your Fox Meizi’s face can seduce men around,Your mother,Naturally, I will not go.,Hao Jun,Such woman,You are better away from,Clear,Who is a woman who can stay by you?。”
Lu Haocheng smiled coldly,Say:“Gu Boyu,Don’t be too much,One day,I will repent it if you say what you said.?”
Lu Hao Cheng finished,Turn around,Hand holding blue Xin,Go to the other side。