“Fate course,These should be the weapons left by Huajun left in the Shanghai Shanghai War.!”In the well, Junxiu surveyed the scene,

“How do Zheng Yao know how to know the Prince in Fuchun Building?!”Watanabe Xiongo said,
“It should be that the team exposes the whereabouts!So many cars and military protected,I don’t know if I don’t know.!”Junxiu said in the well,
“But,They prepare ten mortars in such a short period of time.,Is this a king in advance??And they also know the prince in the consulate in advance.!”Watanabe,
“Class long,This thing does need to find out,It must be someone leaking the Chinese people’s whereabouts.!”
“It is definitely not what we are here.,Because we also know the Prince Shanghai,And Zheng Yao first seems to kill the prince.!”
“stupid!In our occupation area,Actually, the enemy used mortars!Still 10-door!”The only ferry is crazy.,These things are impossible to happen.。
This is a concern and can’t find the well.,He is still very calm:“Fate course,Huajun retreated left a large number of weapons and equipment,Although our army is investigated but it is also inevitable.,These mortars should be the Shanghai station to provide Zheng Yao first。”
Watanabe Xiongulang returns to Fuchun Building, which has become a ruin,Wu Teng Zhixiong and Yayi Ye have come,Because this is the welcome banquet of the dispatch army,They have not been invited by two.。
“Report!At that time, people in the Fuchun Building Hotel were all killed.,Looking for the body of the prince now!”Watanabe Maldo reported to them,
“A prince!A senior general group,Two ministerial brigades,Several combat staff and leaders!I died so many excellent generals.!How do I report it under the emperor?!”Wu Yizhi looked at the corpse covered with white cloth.,
“Wu Zuo Consulate,I feel that in order not to affect the morale of the frontline, it is a blockade.!”Yayi Ying said,
“Correct!Blocking message,Let the dispatch army report this matter。”Wu Teng Zhixiong dares to report,That is not looking for。
“Fate course!Why do you have so many mortars in our occupation district?!You must give us a clear!”Jike Ye Yeng,
have to!This begins to find a sinful sheep.,The ferry is very bitter.,But I can’t justify my mouth.,Hurry and correct:“Hayi,It is the negligence of our work.!”
“Although you have eliminated more than 30 enemen killer,But now look at our losses,I suspect a false icon in the consulate.,Attacking the hotel is their ultimate assassination plan!”Wu Yizhi said,
“But,At that time, the most powerful killer and herpy were present.,If you find them in advance,Prince is also very dangerous.,I think the killer didn’t know where the king used dinner.。”Watanabe defended,
“Fate course!Your current task is to immediately add people to search these killers.!Be sure to remove them clean!”
Horizontal music in the hospital bed,He didn’t think that the six brothers so cow,Actually use mortars directly,No wonder, I don’t have to have a lot of people.,I am afraid that he can make it mortar in Shanghai.。
Don’t want to go to the scene, can you imagine where the might,This pot is simply cool,Qi Ge Wu Tianbao also saved,The counterfeit banknote plan of the shirt is also destroyed.,Prince must also kill,Six brothers!Six brothers!
Rui Rui is in the United States.,I listened to a familiar voice softly.:“Long pool!……”
Rui Rui opened the quilt to see Fu Ying, including tears in his eyes.,Hurry:“Yamei!How did you come?”
“It is the Fate Bagager calls me.,How did you hurt?!”Fu Ying Xue’s tears stunned rumored,
“Yamei,I don’t want it.,It will be fine after few days!”Hurry and quickly comfort,He doesn’t know that Xiao Xue is still active.,But look at the micro-facet is true。
“I heard that you are the guns in the scavengers.,You are brave,Watanabe taught me to take care of you。”After saying that Fu Ying Xue is very generous, the rumored quilt will help him wipe the blood.。
“That’s hard, Ya.,I can get Ya Mei’s care. I am so happy.!”Now long pooliness can be a key protection object,Watanabe is specially left several special protection,So I can’t say something just happened.。
Rui Rui injured in the hospital, there are many troublesome things.,Because these days, Watanabe is called a miserable,Although I started to find the killer who was preparing to attack the team,But in the occupying area, some people used the weapons such as mortars to kill their princes.,This responsibility is an escape of the class lesson.。
He is also a special agent who personally takes people to search the line.,It’s a chicken flying dog jumping in the day and battle area.。
After seven days, I was discharged.,The Fate Board driver sent people to the small building of Zhuang Xiaoman’s lives.。
“Qi boss,What’s wrong with you,How can I have a phone call for so many days?!”Know that the nine brothers hurt Zhuang Xiaoman tears,Do you have two specials?,She has already fallen in the nine brothers.。