Communication sign, let the school training

Original title: Communication signing, let the school training, the two sides of the school, the "Primary School Training Service Contract (Demonstration Text)" (Demonstration Text) "issued by the Ministry of Education and the Market Supervision Bureau (2021 revision) (below) "Service Contract (Demonstration Text)"), further standardize the contract, performance behavior, improve the quality of service of the school training institution, and resolve the disputes arising from the proofreading training, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the contract.

Solving the refund, the service contract (demonstration text) "is constructed from the cover, instructions, special tips, and contract body, etc. Training, the rights and obligations of Party A, Party B’s rights and obligations, training and refund, default responsibility, dispute processing, other conventions, effective ways, contract attachments, etc. The quality requirements, guarantee conditions, and risk distribution of the training service are given appropriate definitions. "Applicable ranges include online underline disciplines and non-discipline training.

At the same time, it is clear that the scope of the scope of the scope includes the online non-learning training situation for the 3 to 6-year-old school. "Vice President, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Beijing University of Technology," Service Contract (Demonstration Text) sets options under multiple clauses, and checks the parties after consultation, determine the rights obligations of both parties .

The reservation of options enhance the application of the text terms, which is an effective should be an effective should be complicated to the training service situation, and it is also conducive to the parties to make more choices for their own interests.

"Since the" double mining "of the legitimate rights and interests of the students and parents, all local training governance, some new issues and challenges are also produced.

For example, the training institution’s rancutive events frequently, and parents have difficulty in failing to refund, and the power of rights. The "invisible variation" of the school training is also increasingly high, and after investigation, it will change "vest" and take it out, underground operation, unlicensed institutions and natural people have emerged, and the safety of the site cannot be guaranteed. These adverse phenomena have both hueded the legitimate positivity of legitimate institutions, but also bring personal and property safety risks for participation students and parents. "Service Contract (Demonstration Text)" Focusing part of the institution is not qualified, using training loans, etc.

Zhang Wei, Professor, Executive Director of the School of Curriculum Teaching, East China Normal University, said: "Service Contract (Demonstration Text" will be in order to reduce contract disputes, create fair, fair, orderly training market environment, fundamentally Safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the parties and their parents in the signed parties and their parents.

"For the healthy training of legal training institutions result.

"Service Contract (Demonstration Text" has made the first level of comprehensive regulation of the service behavior of the school training institution in detail, clearly requires the training institution "bright card sign", which not only protects the rights and interests of the students, but also protects the legal training institutions.

Wang Xin, Vice President and Secretary General of the Shanghai Training Association (Municipal Education Assessment Association), believes that although the scope of "service contract (demonstration text) is mainly facing primary and secondary school training institutions, considering the legitimacy of its content , Compliance and operability help to improve the standardization of the entire industry and self-discipline management, the National Training Industry Association should be promoted to all membership units.

Zhang Wei said: "Promoting" Service Contract (Demonstration Text) "can better help local administrative and law enforcement agencies to implement relevant policies, and point out more clear directions for the compliance operations of the training institution.

"In the case of foreign training institutions, use" Service Contract (Demonstration Text) "to pay attention to two key points: pre-collection fund management and enrollment publicity management." Service contract (demonstration text) "clarifying the school training institution should agree with the students to use bank hosted , Risk margin and other safeguards ensure the safety of pre-recovery funds.

At the same time, it further clarifies the relevant requirements for the pre-recovered fee.

Wang Xin suggested that the training institution clearly concluded the relevant retirement standards and fund security measures related to the contract, change, termination and other circumstances. "Service Contract (Demonstration Text)" clearly enrolled in the instructions and effects of training teachers and effects in the enrollment promotion materials, and the establishment of training contracts and the determination of course prices have a significant impact. "Recommended training institutions further standardize the contents of the enrollment materials, training methods, teachers, etc., comprehensively enhance the degree of standardization of enrollment promotion, and make a realistism.

"Wang Xin said.

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