[Can the gourd vine be eaten]_Can it be eaten_Can it be eaten

[Can the gourd vine be eaten]_Can it be eaten_Can it be eaten

You should always eat pumpkin vines and sweet potato vines. These two vines are very good vegetables and are a very good choice for people who need to lose weight.

Because these two vegetables have a good effect on the laxative function of the human body, and the loofah is also a kind of melon vegetable, and its vine is similar to pumpkin.

So many people have questions. Now that pumpkin vines are edible, can loofah vines be edible?

First, can the gourd vine be eaten?

Luffa vines are edible just like pumpkin vines.

We generally use the most tender part of the pumpkin vine, which is the tip of the vine, and stir-fry it, just like fried green vegetables, and the taste is also unique.

Raw loofah vines may not taste good, but they are fresh and tender after being cooked, which will make people who are prejudiced against loofah vines change their minds.

Second, how to eat luffa vine 1, can soak water to drink luffa sweet and cool, with heat-clearing and detoxifying, diuretic cooling effect, in addition to eating loofah in the summer to reduce fire and detoxification, you can also use luffa vine soaked in water to drink, this can also reduce heatThe effect of fire.

Luffa vine also has the effect of soothing muscles and promoting blood circulation, and also helps to relieve gout symptoms.

2. How to cook garlic and loofah vinegar Ingredients: loofah vine, garlic, oil, salt.

Practice: 1. Wash the loofah vine and drain the water.

2. The oil pan is hot, throw in the flat garlic, stir-fry the aroma, and pour the drained luffa vine.

3. Stir fry for 1-2 minutes.

Turn off the heat, put salt, and bring the pot to a boil.

Third, the efficacy and role of luffa vine 1.

It has a drug effect and can treat cough and sputum.

Methanol can be extracted from loofah vine and loofah leaves, and decoction can be used to relieve cough and expectorant effects.


Luffa vine made into powder decoction and alcohol infusion can inhibit the growth of common respiratory bacteria and pneumococcus, but the former is slightly weaker and stronger.

The fresh juice of loofah vine has no antibacterial effect.


The use of chopped loofah and vine decoction can effectively treat chronic bronchitis.


Using loofah with 3-5 feet of root and near root together with lean pork can effectively treat atrophic rhinitis. At first, it is normal to have mild dizziness and excessive nasal secretions.


Dry the loofah vine shade. When using it, directly burn it with fire until the surface is black but the smell and color can be recognized inside. Directly rubbing the pain can treat the tooth exposed pain.