[How to make meat dumplings delicious?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How to make meat dumplings delicious?

】 _How to do_How to do

In daily life, people who often cook often know that they must change patterns and tastes frequently, so that even if the family eats nutrition, it can also increase the family’s appetite. Everyone knows that they want to eat meat fillings and mix them by themselves.It can also add a little fun to life and make life more diversified, but how to make meat dumplings delicious?

In fact, the meat dumplings are delicious when there is a trick.

How to make meat dumplings delicious?
1. First, choose the meat (pork, lamb, beef, etc.). According to personal preference, it is not good to choose lean meat. The dumpling stuffed out will be slightly dry and affect the taste.

So choose fat and thin, fat and lean meat is best.

2. You can use a meat grinder to grind the filling, eliminating the need for a chop.

If you like to eat better dumplings and overcome the force of dumplings, you can chop it by yourself. First cut the meat into thin slices, then cut it into shreds, and finally cut it into small dices. Cut before chopping.Try to cut it a bit.

3. The meat filling is adjusted well. The step of adding water is very important. Add the chopped meat filling to the water three times. After each addition, it will be even for a while, then place it for a while and add it again.

When stirring, pay attention to turning in a clockwise direction, add the minced ginger to the meat, and then add cooking wine, salt, chicken essence, and pepper powder in order.

4. In order to color the meat, it seems to overcome the appetite, then add soy sauce and continue to stir, then add the sesame oil on top until it is stirred vigorously.

5, chopped scallions and garlic for later use, it is best to enlarge the scallions, the scallions can not adjust the taste of scallions.

Chopped green onion and ginger should be placed when you eat it. If you leave it for too long, it will affect the taste. If you do n’t add other vegetables, just eat meat and green onion stuffing.

6. After the onion is enlarged and mixed evenly, put a spoonful of oil on it, so that the meat filling looks more smooth and smooth, tastes more fragrant and tastes better.

The prepared mincemeat can be baked patties, and dumplings and buns can be made.

How to make delicious dumpling stuffing?

First of all, the ratio of meat and vegetables should be appropriate.

First, the meat-to-dish ratio of dumplings is 1: 1 or 1: 0.

5 is appropriate.

First, don’t dump the juice.

It is determined that more than 60% of the vitamins will be lost after the Chinese cabbage is dehydrated.

In order to avoid nutrition loss and waste, the scientific method is: after chopping the vegetable stuffing, first squeeze the vegetable juice out into the pot, add the meat and soy sauce one after the other, and stir thoroughly to make the vegetable juice penetrate into the meat, thenAdd the dishes and stir well.

For vegetarian dumplings, you can also chop the vegetable stuffing first, pour it into the pan (pot), add cooking oil (vegetable oil) and stir gently, let the oil wrap the vegetables, and then add salt and seasoning.

In this way, not only the nutrition is preserved, the dumpling fillings are also tender and delicious. If it is leek meat fillings, the vegetable fillings are mixed with oil, and then the mixed meat fillings (with enough salt) are poured and mixed well.

The vegetable stuffing is mixed with oil first, and is covered with a layer of oil film. It is not easy to dehydrate when it encounters salt.

The dumplings wrapped with this stuffing taste very fresh and have a clear fragrance of vegetable juice.

Finally, the meat is chopped.

Make the stuffed meat and chop it with a knife to become velvety.

When there is a lot of lean meat, you can add the appropriate amount of vegetable juice or water; when there is a lot of fat, add less vegetable juice or water, and stir vigorously in one direction.

After the meat is sticky, add appropriate amount of pepper powder, spiced oil, salt, fresh ginger, MSG, sesame oil, and continue to stir.

At the same time, soy sauce should be added slowly little by little.

If there is broth, it is best to add broth, add the drops and stir until it becomes a paste, and then pour the vegetable stuffing and stir well.

Dumplings made with this kind of dumpling stuffing have rich soup and tender meat.

When adding dumplings with a little sugar, the dumplings will have a delicious seafood flavor.