After asking,Xiang Yang suddenly found himself asking nonsense,No need to ask about this,Just to see Bai Lu’s drunken eyes and loose eyes,It’s obviously the characteristic of too much alcohol。

“I’m much better,thank you!”
Bai Lu smiled lightly at Xiangyang,But I said I was fine,Betrayed Bai Lu while walking。
There is no more spicy at the beginning,Bai Lu just feels like she has gone around many times in the same place,Rotating。
Forced myself to walk a few steps,Bai Lu hurriedly forced herself to sit down。
“I’ll take a break!”
Turning back and smiling awkwardly to Xiangyang,Bai Lu is a little embarrassed。
Xiangyang waved his hand,Took care of so long,Not bad now this one。
And the more important thing for Xiangyang is,She found Xiang Chen in the crowd。
I worked hard to create opportunities for him,That guy is still thinking about eating!
Xiangyang, who is so angry, thinks about it, gets more angry,He grabbed an abalone next to him and threw it to Xiang Chen,It’s just a slight deviation,The abalone thrown by Xiangyang hit Zheng Ziling directly on the head。
I want to take this opportunity to get close to my future father-in-law,Zheng Ziling just sat down,Just fly into disaster,A greasy abalone hit his head。
Get up with anger,I found out that the person who threw the abalone was Xiangyang,Zheng Ziling’s anger was forcibly suppressed by him,When Zheng Ziling saw Xiang Yang pointing at Xiang Chen angrily,Zheng Ziling completely lost his anger。
Pulled Xiangchen’s clothes corner,Zheng Ziling pointed at Yang cautiously,Prompt Xiang Chen,He may have made a terrible mistake。
Xiang Chen frowned,When Xiangyang waved to him for the third time,Finally got up。
&nbsp“You will send Bai Lu home later!I followed Mo Mo home with them。”
Although it is not lustful,But when you speak,The daughter still faces her father。
Continuously winking at Xiang Chen,The latter’s perfunctory attitude made Xiangyang’s blood pressure a lot higher。