This girl,Mu Yi is clear,Really don’t have much money。Although I made a lot of money as an anchor,But basically every month I transfer home,Leave only your basic living expenses,And some snacks、Clothes money,Is a filial girl。

See this,Can’t help but say to Huazi:“Wah Tsai,You can start with 40,000。This thing,In the hands of Brother Muyi,Going out to trouble。”
Hua Zi never asks more about Populus,Just follow the instructions,Brother Hu won’t cheat him anyway。
“Brother Muyi,what do you think?”
Mu Yi nodded:“If so,Just the best。”
“Row,Give me the stamp。”Hua Zi followed Brother Hu,There are more players you can reach,It is naturally easier to meet people who collect stamps。
and so,He doesn’t worry about stamps falling into his hands。
Another man,A little smile,Also speak:“I also have two,Want?”
Just right,40,000 yuan can be won on a sunny day。In this way,There are nine in a sunny day,It’s easier to make a necklace。I don’t care about money even on sunny days,Forty thousand just got,Haven’t covered the heat yet,Just hand it over。
She never thought of using it herself,But plan to fix it,For my mother。
Although the golden pearl looks noble,But it doesn’t match her young woman’s temperament,It’s best worn by a lady,She personally prefers the color of platinum。
See them handle these,Hu Yang plans to take everyone to eat first,Then go find the owner of the frame。At this moment,Someone contacted them,Said it was interviewed by TV news。
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Five bid farewell
TV station,It doesn’t hurt to see it,It’s not the first time I have dealt with people from a TV station.,When in Fujian,Or CCTV!
Who came to interview,Just a car,three people,One in charge of shooting,Interview with a woman,The third place is errands。
Everyone is not wordy,Cut directly into the topic。Actually,Not many problems,Mainly to verify the content,Ask about the situation。
Hu Yang is not stage fright at all under the camera,Speak generously,Surprised the female reporter。
“Have you eaten yet?Do you want to be together?”Hu Yang asked。