I also took those pictures with my phone,At the same time, a small video of the man, the beauties and the police were filmed,Explain the matter on Weibo!

This is to prevent similar things from happening in the future,Used by someone to make my scandal!
Netizens have said that people now have no bottom line at all,You can use any means in order to be rich and famous!
Some people recognize those women as peripheral,No one is a good bird!
What they are doing for this is not yet certain,But it must be,Have a certain purpose。
The identity of that man will be revealed soon,Is a so-called art photographer who specializes in photographing women without clothes,In fact, it’s an art under the guise of,Trash that specializes in male theft and female prostitution!
There are many girls,Are all deceived and threatened with photos by him!
I asked the victims to provide evidence for my private message,I will help them get a lawyer。
Less than half an hour,I received a lot of very definite evidence。
At this time we have arrived at the nearby police station,The photographer and the outsiders want to leave,But was stopped by the police!
They also saw various reports on Weibo,I want to see if I can really get evidence。
As long as I get the evidence,This photographer don’t want to leave so easily!
The photographer actually knows a lot of people,Since the media came to the police station,Want to make trouble!
Tens of millions of Lao Tzu fans are still afraid of you rubbish!
I started the live broadcast immediately,Completely photographed the arrogant and ugly faces of these people!
But i didn’t speak,Just quietly shoot!