In this time period,Big anchors are less frequent,So there should be no surprises in the national rankings。

Treasure box can grab coins,It is the kind of gift they can attract fans and audiences most on this platform,It’s just that the anchor’s share will be less,After all, part of it has been taken away by the audience。
To draw a hundred treasure chests out,How much does it cost?Definitely more than 30,000 yuan。This kind of game,I can say that the rich can only play。
An instant,Countless viewers click in to grab coins,Conscience players, by the way, pay attention,It’s a face to Jiangnan boss and Populus。
Populus was surprised,Less than a minute,The audience reached 150,000,His attention has increased by almost 10,000,Already nearly 140,000。
Is this kind of gift so awesome?after,Did I spend money to find someone to get some out?,Put every day?Isn’t the amount of attention……
This idea just came out,Get a red warning from the live room system immediately,Hu Yang had to give up this method of exploiting loopholes。
He thanked:“Thank you Jiangnan’s treasure chest,Brothers who grab coins,if possible,You might as well pay attention before leaving。”
Jiangnan also rarely speaks:Follow,I will send you a wave of benefits later,Still the old rules,Ten Huawei’s latest mobile phones。
Get!A word from the boss,More effective than Populus,Follow it immediately,140,000。
“Thanks everyone!”Populus Fist。
Chapter One Hundred and Forty One Very excited at the moment
Hua Shixiong came forward to talk,In his consciousness,Such a young man deserves his knowledge。
“Listen to the accent,You seem to be from Guangdong?”
Hu Ge helplessly said:“Our Mandarin in Guangdong is so special?”
“Haha!No more!Quite distinctive。Hello there,I am Hua Shixiong,From Fuzhou。”Hua Shixiong introduced himself。