“Haha,Keying,You can lie to others but not me。”Qiao Tianyu smiled。

“When we met at the Fuxingshe headquarters that day,Sanye Cui took advantage of the time to say hello to you,Put a note in your hand,If i guess right,That note is Cui Sanye’s contact information, right??Hahaha.”
“Really annoying!”Xiao Pang’s face paled with an angry look at Qiao Tianyu,“Do things with people like you,I can’t hide any secrets!Waiting!”
After talking about the chubby face, he got up and called,I’ll be back soon,“okay,San Ye agreed to meet you,Let’s go!”
Qiao Tianyu followed the little fat face out,After catching a taxi, I circled Dubai City for most of the time,Changed three or four taxis back and forth,After confirming that no one is following,When we came to a house together, the face was not conspicuous,But there is no villa inside。
But once I entered the villa,Qiao Tianyu smelled a strong aroma of Chinese medicine rushing towards him,It’s refreshing after smelling,Ba Shi was very。
At this time, Cui Laosan is wearing a light white exercise suit,Sitting at the tea table fiddling with a set of Kung Fu tea sets on the table。
I saw Qiao Tianyu came in,Cui Laosan nodded slightly,Pointed to the stool opposite the tea table,Motioned for Qiao Tianyu to sit down。
“San Ye,What kind of medicine is your fragrance,Why does it smell so comfortable?”Qiao Tianyu asked, pointing at the incense burner with white smoke coming from the tea set。
“Cui family’s secret recipe,I made it myself,Forgive me。”Cui Laosan smiled and made Qiao Tianyu a cup of tea,“How about this tea?”
Qiao Tianyu picked up the tea cup,Scent,Elegant fragrance,Take a bite,After a little bit of joy and bitterness,The tip of the tongue is sweet and has a long aftertaste,With decades of tasting experience in the previous life,Qiao Tianyu quickly recognized this tea。
“Mingqian Longjing!Good tea!Good tea!”Qiao Tianyu frequently praised。
“Hahaha,Tianyu,I didn’t expect you to be young,There is still research on tea art,No wonder Keying likes you!”Cui Laosan said with a smile。
“San Ye,You hate it,Who likes him!”Cui Keying’s face was flushed to the base of his neck,Jiao Dao。
“Is not it?”Cui Laosan snatched the wrist of Chubby’s face with lightning speed.,Hold in hand。
“San Ye,you.”The chubby face was shocked,I don’t know what Cui Laosan intends to do。
“Hush.”Cui Laosan motioned to the little fat face not to speak,Close your eyes for only three seconds,“Haha,Tianyu,Congratulations you are going to be a father!”
“when.Be a father?”Qiao Tianyu looked dazed,Where and where。
“father”This word is too strange to Qiao Tianyu,Although Qiao Tianyu and Lili loved all their lives in the last life,Just because of Lily’s health,By the end of the two people had never had a male and a half female,Has become the biggest regret in their lives。