Sister Cat snorted coldly:“I didn’t expect your kid to come here by himself,If there is a kind,See you on the platform at the next stop,Crowded here,Inconvenient,If you are a note,Then don’t say anything,Otherwise, my old cat’s paws are not forgiving”

Between talking,Xia Jian discovered,Woman calling herself an old cat,Not only the nose is longer than ordinary people’s,And on her slender fingers,I don’t know when I have put on the silver finger cots,This finger cot is made of metal,This may be her weapon。
When Xia Jian came here,I used a scarf to cover my mouth,But he doesn’t know,When did this scarf fall off,So that these women recognized him at a glance。
“If you have a conscience,Just take the wallet you stole,Give it back to everyone,Even if I didn’t see it,If you dare to say no word,I don’t care if you are an old wolf or an old cat”To this point,Xia Jian can only make harsh words,At least he can’t lose to these three women in his aura。
After such a noise,The person who lost the wallet just now,So I yelled,In a carriage,Suddenly became a mess,This situation,Everyone squeezed,It will kill you,Where are the police and conductor,Xia Jian couldn’t help but feel anxious。
The old cat smiled and said:“Are you sick?!Just two sentences,Still want to scare me,Then why will my old cat be messing around in the future?“The old cat’s charming face,Showing a fierce look。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but trembled,Just sideways,The old cat screamed,Really pounced like a cat,Two hands waving up and down,Xia Jian dodges left and right,Temporarily new leather jacket,Two long openings were exposed instantly。
Xia Jian was angered,Turn around,Swipe out the right elbow,The old cat may also be careless about Jingzhou,I didn’t expect Xia Jian to move so fast,Just when she hesitated,Just listen to a bang,The old cat was hit by Xia Jian and crawled on Erhuo’s body.。
“withdraw,Hard stubble“The old cat growled,The three squeezed toward the other end of the car。
Xia Jianyi doesn’t do it,Endlessly,How can you let them escape,Isn’t my leather jacket torn in vain?。
Xia Jiangang raised his foot,I saw the old cat at the end raise his hand,Shouted:“All for you,Don’t know good or bad“
Xia Jian reached out,Turned out to be a bag,He hurriedly opened the zipper to take a look,It’s full of wallets,Just when he paused like this,The old cat took her big and second goods,Submerged early in the crowd。
The cabin is surprisingly quiet,Only hear the bang of the train hitting the track,People in the whole carriage,They all looked at Xia Jian,It’s possible that Xia Jian shocked everyone just now。
Xia Jian calmed his thoughts a bit,And shouted:“The person whose wallet was stolen just now,Come claim one by one,If someone impersonates,Don’t blame me for being ruthless,There is yours in it,Just take it,if there is not,Please don’t take other people’s“
Xia Jian’s voice is strong and powerful,Reverberating for a long time in the carriage。
Everything went well,More than ten wallets,Was claimed in a few minutes,Xia Jian suddenly felt a sense of accomplishment。When he returns to the soft sleeper again,It’s past four o’clock,And two more seats are vacant,Maybe you got off halfway。
Logically,He can sleep beautifully,I don’t know why,He was sleepy,There are old cats and three women in my head。
Listen to the banging railroad tracks,Xia Jian thought a lot,He never figured it out,A whole carriage of people,I’m afraid of three women,If someone resists a little bit,They will not succeed lightly,What happened to people now?
Thinking about,Xia Jian actually fell asleep,In sleep,He dreamed of old cat,Bringing a large number of goods into his soft sleeper compartment,And closed the door。
Xia Jian tried his best,Hit a punch,People wake up too,He found out that he had a dream,The carriage is bright,It turns out it’s bright。