Daily thinning 1 kg sleep slimming method

Daily thinning 1 kg sleep slimming method

Scientific experiments have shown that in deep sleep, the human brain secretes a large amount of growth hormone, which guides the body into turning energy into energy.

If you reduce the time of deep sleep, and at the same time the hoarding can gradually turn into tiny displacements, the secretion of hormones can’t keep up with the hoarding of transformation, causing your body to automatically turn these slightly to the cheekbones, thighs and stomach. Over time, the more you comeThe fatter it is.

  In addition, poor quality or insufficient sleep will increase people’s appetite, and the longer you stay up late, the more time you have to eat, so it’s not fat.

Therefore, MM are still trying not to stay up all night, staying up late or even the skin will be worse, will gain weight.

Hurry and try the lazy sleep slimming method, let your skin become water, but also form a lean body.

  The key points of the four key points of sleep slimming method: sleep time should be based on the time you need to get up and push forward for 8 and a half hours, that is, you need to go to bed.

Try to sleep at the same time every day, so that the body metabolism will be more serious and regular, and the detoxification activities can be carried out in an orderly manner.

On weekends, don’t go to bed at noon, or even sleep all day. Once the biological clock is disrupted in these 2 days, it is easy to cause a vicious circle, symptoms of insomnia, loss of appetite and edema.

  Key point 2: 8 hours of sleep per day Most people need 6 to 8 hours of sleep to get enough exercise energy to ensure a healthy diet and maintain a slim body.

During the prime time from 11:00 to 2 pm, the body’s metabolism is the strongest, which can effectively eliminate fatigue and excrete toxins from the body.

If you don’t take good care of this time, your body’s metabolism will be worse, the toxins in the body will not be discharged, and you will become more and more bloated after prolonged accumulation.

  Key point three: Do not absorb caffeine Caffeine-containing refreshing drinks are forbidden to enter before going to bed, tea, soda should not drink, they will make you more and more spiritual.

A little bit of red wine can promote sleep, but don’t overdo it. Staying at the wine will make you sleepy, and there will be headaches the next day.

  Key point 4: Develop a good bedtime habit. Do not exercise too intensely before going to bed. If you are in a state of excitement, it is estimated that you can fall asleep until 2 o’clock.

Try to force reading before going to bed, listening to light music, fragrance, bathing and so on to relax the body, so it is easier to fall asleep.

Love the Internet at night, watch the TV MM also pay attention to time, do not forget the time to sleep when you are high.