Changping District launched "People’s Society Service Express Action"

Original title: Changping District launched "People’s Society Service Express Action" this newspaper (Reporter Deli correspondent Sun Liping) Association "Package Office", high-frequency matters "speed", all matters "easy to do" … The practice of "I do practical things for the masses", Changping District recently launched the "People’s Society Service Express Action", and promoted the implementation of the "Six" services.

  "From the perspective of enterprises, we focus on the ‘two districts’ companies, relying on the Self-employment Test Area (Life Park) Human Resources and Comprehensive Service Station, take the lead in implementing the ‘Fast Office’." Changping District Human Social Security Bureau related person in charge Introduction, the bureau will strengthen the demand for key functional districts and key enterprises through "Fast Action", comprehensively promote the optimization of human social security services in Changping District. In addition, relying on a new round of "returning" action plan, focusing on the residential community of residents in the region, focus on "returning to the day" regional people’s service difficulties, carrying out the fast service, satisfying "returning to the sky" area, faster , Better human service requirements. The person in charge said that during the implementation of the "Fast Action", the Human Social Security Bureau of Changping District will use large network, large platform, big data, large Unicom’s thinking, and analyze the plug points in various business handles and further smooth channels. "We will actively accept the 12345 citizen hotline, ‘bureau chief walking process’ special events, etc. "Special action, in-depth" 100 thousand enterprises "" Thousands into Wanjia "series theme activities, docking" thousands "key enterprises, developing" 10,000 "jobs, continuous enhancement The happiness, feeling, satisfaction of the enterprise masses.

  In order to promote the "Fast Action" to better land, the Human Social Security Bureau in Changping District has innovated "six", "the" Pocket Office "" Reserve "" Site Office "" Link Office "" Optional office ", aim to increase the integration of information system, maximize the establishment of independent information systems such as employment, social insurance, talent, labor relations, and provide technical support for the implementation of" Fast Action ".

  Specifically, this "sixth" is to rely on "Small Formation" WeChat service platform to carry out "Pocket", the enterprise and the masses can fill in the report, submit materials, receive results, achieve social security approval, mobile archive staff service , Public employment services 3 major categories of business processing; use small books system and lobby system to interoperability, "Reservation Office", for business matters that must be handled on site, can make an appointment on mobile phone, and realize the recruitment booth, Social security business reservation, reduce waiting time; carry out "live office" through "visiting service enterprises" activities, on the basis of understanding the industry, enterprise needs, organize relevant departments to key geographies, key enterprises, and solve corporate problems; "I To the masses to do practical things, "Separation Office", go deep into the grassroots, serving grassroots, underwater town (street) guidance to carry out relevant business, achieve help, and do the same, and earnestly facilitate the masses; Carry out the "linkage office", focus on the key points discovered in the process, and conduct centralized research on cross-sectoral, cross-layer, cross-regional matters; do things on the enterprise and the masses "do not have time to do it. "The problem of painfulness is" ready to do ", realizing the" Early and evening flexibility "," The Midday Uninterrupted "delay service system" Weekend has a duty ", and solves the difficulties of enterprises and the masses. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.