[Count down the kissing poses you do n’t know]

[Count down the kissing poses you do n’t know]

Regarding kissing, after successive launches of various kissing competitions, it also became less monotonous, but the variety of patterns instantly increased.

In this kind of kissing contest, there are a lot of couples who try their best to win prizes. They make extraordinary moves, are excited, difficult, common, and graceful . precisely because of the emergence of different types of kissing methods.Let the more kisses between lovers, the more love there is.

Take a look at these alternative kissing techniques now.

Super fun word guessing kiss This is a very interesting kissing game, it will remind you of guessing riddles that you played as a kid.

Your sharp tongue wanders naughtily in his mouth, touching each sweet spot, pushing it toward the throat along the top of the mouth, then moving to the side, sliding into the gums, diving into the bottom of the tongue, and then letting him guess you spell itWhat letters, and three chapters of the law.

If you guess wrong, punish him to kiss you, as long as you want.

With this kind of kiss that you take the initiative to attack, explore the sexy corners that have never been involved, and the deliberate gallop will bring infinite satisfaction and drift into the wonderland.