[Guo Dan Pi Degeneration]_Guo Dan Pi_Calories_Nutrition Value

[Guo Dan Pi Degeneration]_Guo Dan Pi_Calories_Nutrition Value

For friends who want to lose weight and stay in shape, it is necessary to understand its changes before any food choice. Guotan skin is a snack that many people love to eat and has a good appetizing effect. The amplitude of Guotan skin is relatively low.Can be eaten with confidence.

1. Guotan skin is a kind of snacks that people of all ages like to eat. Guotan skin is rich in appetizing nutrition. Guodan skin is generally made of hawthorn as the main raw material. Hawthorn has many benefits, can promote blood circulation, and reduce changes.

Guotanpi also added other excipients, the transformation of Guotanpi.

2. This Guotan skin is a transitional “bomb”, which contains 300 kcal per 100 grams of Guotan skin.

If you have ever made your own hawthorn water, you will find that to reconcile the acidity of hawthorn; you need to add a lot of white sugar.

When you have indigestion, you can take a few slices of Guotan, but don’t eat too much, it is not suitable for regular snacks.

Therefore, candied fruits, preserved fruits and other foods are also very high in content, and those who need to control weight should not eat it often.

3. Everyone can eat fresh hawthorn instead of Guotan skin. The raw material of fresh hawthorn is: Hawthorn 0.

5 kg, add to the microwave for 20 minutes, the temperature should not be too high.

Take it out and roll the sheet into a thin tube.

Make several as well, and put the rolled cylinder into the oven to dry.

4. Hawthorn, also known as “mountain red” and “carmine fruit”, has high nutritional and medicinal values.

Hawthorn contains many vitamins, tartaric acid, citric acid, maslinic acid, malic acid, etc. It also contains brasses, lactones, etc. According to the above introduction, it is true that Guodan bark can not be eaten often, and it is only necessary to eat it once.Nobody can bear such a high transient. Young and children often get fat when they eat it often, and old people often eat it will cause high blood lipids, high blood pressure, high blood sugar. For your own health, please stay away from Guotan skin.