This kind of walking is led by the nose like a doll,It’s better to have a good fight。

“soon!”Xia Chenglong answered。
“They should have killed those guys, right?,If you hurry up, maybe you can catch up!”What did Aquan think of。
Xia Chenglong didn’t answer this time,I really don’t know how to explain。
By time,If everything goes well, they will indeed catch up,Or maybe someone will show up behind them before Yizhuxiang,But no one at the moment。
No one is nothing。
They have encountered new difficulties more or less,Can not support,The rest is still the lives of the two of them。
Xia Chenglong didn’t know,Where they are now has a name,of course,Originally there is no name,Named because someone came。
“Zhonghu Peak!”
literal meaning,There is a lake not far away,The lake is like an upside-down clock,There are six slender and high peaks around Zhonghu,So it is called Zhonghu Peak。
Their position at the moment has not reached Zhonghu,It’s just under the south peak,People walking in this mountain stream,Looks too small,Especially two people。
So the peak inserted into the cloud still lives in its own way,The various spirit beasts living on the peak also fly around as usual。
The occasional cry echoes in the mountain stream,So as to realize the desolation and remoteness here。
“I think Bincheng will definitely dominate the North Sea in the future,Then I will be respected,And then you can marry a wife,Do not,Two rooms,Three bedrooms!”
Aquan confided in the back,This can greatly reduce the inner fear。
Xia Chenglong said nothing,His attention is on the surrounding environment,Because this deadlock hasn’t been solved yet,The sense of danger still exists。
Or not a sense of danger,But dangerous。
“Aquan,somebody is coming!”