Lu Xin’s eyes fell on Zhou Chengyu,He looked at Yang Liu with admiration and pity in his eyes,In addition to the conditions,Actually a very nice person。

Duan Xiuying’s eyes are also on the photo,Said very confidently:“Xinxin,I can’t read it wrong,This man absolutely loves Lu Yao,Have been secretly in love with her。If you are afraid Shao Huo forgive her,We just put some weight on him,Just let the secret love become the bright love。”
Whether or not Yangliu is in two boats,There is this man,No becomes yes!
Duan Xiuying brought the work from work to life,Plot one after another,Lu Xin feels ashamed。
The only drawback is waiting,When their feelings are inseparable,To implement the plan,In case they break through the last line of defense,Home run,Don’t you just make up for it??
Such a disgusting relationship,Hope it won’t happen!
Yang Liu didn’t realize that the big net of conspiracy had begun to her,Still in high-profile love with Huo Yunhe,Sprinkle dog food from time to time,Have a good time。
One day,Huo Yunhe received a call from the boss,Said brothers are going to get together,He doesn’t want to go,How beautiful to be with my girlfriend that time,What can a bunch of big men have to talk about!
“Yunhe,I’m not talking about you,Why don’t you bring a girlfriend to show your brothers??If there is some misunderstanding,How embarrassing。”
Chapter One Hundred Send talks
The boss is so obvious,It reminded him of his sister-in-law and his fifth wife He Huandong,Brother is right,This kind of embarrassment can only be performed once,He doesn’t want his girlfriend to be chased by his brother,At the end everyone is embarrassed to meet。
Ring the bell to let Yangliu bring in a cup of coffee。
Although Yangliu’s fearless worldly vision,But it’s a girl after all,Not so cheeky,The meaningful gazes of colleagues kept on her,I really can’t stand it。
I really don’t blame my colleagues for gossiping,But every time she brings coffee in,Can’t get out in a short time,When coming out,All with brows and eyes,Slightly messy hair,A discerning person knows what happened at a glance。
Self-send talks,Isn’t he allowed to explore?They dare not joke with the boss,I only dare to tease myself,Made her very embarrassed,Dare not attack yet。
This is not,When the intercom phone rings,Everyone’s eyes fell on her in unison,The smile on the corner of the mouth is not hidden,Willow eyes, nose, nose, heart,Walking into the general manager’s office holding coffee without squinting。
Wave the sleeves,Not take away a cloud,The door is closed,Two separated worlds。