“This is Fan Wuming, the military attache of the embassy,Get in the car!I will take you to the airport。”This military attache surnamed Fan waved his hand,Speak loudly。

Lu Menglin and the others haven’t responded yet,Lucas is anxious。
He brought so many people to stop Menglin Team,As a result, he was born by a guy who claimed to be a military attache of the Chinese Embassy,Take people away?How can this be?Don’t hell angels want face??
“and many more!They can’t go yet!”Lucas stared and shouted。
Fan Wuming turned around,As if I only saw the black men in front of me now,Smiled faintly:“Do you want to restrict the personal freedom of Chinese citizens??”
Lu Menglin made up his sword behind his back:“He just said he would take us away,To sell human organs。”
“Ha ha,Give him the courage to try!”Fan Wuming smiled。
Lucas also laughed twice,I looked around the brothers,I couldn’t help but feel a little bold。
“I don’t care what brand your car is on,It doesn’t matter if you are real or fake,You want to take people away from our hell angels,Absolutely impossible!”Lucas raised his arm,Said proudly
He joined Hell Angels from the age of seventeen,Nineteen years,I finally got to where I am today,Take charge of the organization’s casino business in Las Vegas,It’s not just scheming。
The critical moment,Lucas has the guts,Dare to challenge anyone!
“We are hell angels!Even the police are not afraid!Are you going to reason with us?”Lucas laughed。