I can only complain in desperation,Then leave the hall。

of course,Some don’t give up just squatting outside,Just intend to eavesdrop。
But it doesn’t matter,Anyway, Qin Feng just behaves,Don’t want too many people to know about this。
“All right,Now everyone is gone。Can you speak?”Su Chengxu stared at Qin Feng。
The latter sighed,“In fact, whether it’s on TV,Have you seen some movies or books on the Internet??There will be some special people in this world。According to the people of that era,They are cultivators,Your family Zhang Lili is pregnant with a child with great potential,So someone from a mountain gate nearby wanted to accept him as a descendant。”
Qin Feng stopped when he said this。
Because he knows,Other people must have a lot of questions。
“impossible,How could these things exist。And even if it exists,Can’t you wait for my baby to be born??Just take people away,They never thought about the consequences?”Su Chengxu’s mind has long been confused,Hearing Qin Feng’s words, I couldn’t accept the reality even more。
After all, what Qin Feng said cannot be explained by science。
Jiang Yan and other women don’t know much about it,mainly,Qin Feng’s“Martial arts”In their opinion, the level is not“mortal”s level。
So now I understand what’s going on。
“Qin Feng,You can’t beat them?Or,Can’t you go through official channels??”Jiang Yan has dealt with many people after all。Since Qin Feng didn’t bring Zhang Lili back,This shows one point,Qin Feng’s personal
Ability may not solve this problem。