Lei Lei crawled on the bed,Asked her mother softly。

Zhang Fenglan nodded and said:“child!Mother’s sin is enough,This Mr. Xia should be our destined person,He can relieve mother’s illness,Just cooperate with her well”Zhang Fenglan finished,So I closed my eyes with great enjoyment。
Xia Jian took off the dart bag wrapped around his waist,Then draw nine different lengths from the top,Silver needle with white light。Just when he was sterilizing the silver needle on the alcohol stove。Lei Lei crawled to Zhang Fenglan’s ear and said:“mom!His needle is long!Looks a little scary”
“child!You have to learn to trust others。Just stand on the side quietly,Watch this Mr. Xia treat mom!”
Zhang Fenglan finished,He closed his eyes,Didn’t say a word。
Xia Jian’s silver needle is finished,Then press the acupuncture points on Zhang Fenglan’s back with two fingers,Pierced very accurately。Zhang Meilan crawling on the bed,Motionless。
Xia Jian’s movements are light,And it’s fast。The nine silver needles were pierced very accurately according to the acupoints。
After completing this action,Xia Jian sat on the bed,Then he beckoned to Lei Lei,Asked for a new towel,He wiped his hands,Only then began to adjust the needle。
“Ms. Zhang!I want to start adjusting the needle,Say whatever you feel。of course,Don’t say anything without feeling”
Xia Jian said,My hands started to move。
“Oh!hemp,A bit numb。Ok!This one hurts。Damn!Is there a fire on this needle?,Why is it so hot……”
Zhang Fenglan, who was crawling on the bed, was chattering loudly following the rhythm of Xia Jian’s needle adjustment。
This wave down,A few stitches on Zhang Fenglan’s back showed obvious changes。Some show a big part,And some almost all went in。This scared Lei Lei,She opened her mouth wide,Standing on the side and dare not say a word。
Xia Jian got off the bed,He glanced at his hands,Then said to Zhang Fenglan:“Don’t move,If you don’t feel uncomfortable,You have to tell me”
Xia Jian arranged,So I sat on the sofa and closed my eyes。Originally, he came here to find out some news about Bucheon and go back.,But I didn’t expect him to become a doctor again。Toss it down,It might be getting dark soon!
Xia Jian thought about these things,I don’t know if everyone is going out today,How are their respective jobs?Think of it like this,Xia Jian couldn’t sit still。He just opened his eyes,I saw Lei Lei come over and sit beside him。
“Thank you Mr. Xia for treating my mother。Judging from the current situation,Mr. Xia’s treatment direction is correct。At least after you get the needle,My mother’s illness never happened again。Was rude to you just now,please forgive me”
Lei Lei said to Xia Jian with gratitude。
Xia Jian glanced at Lei Lei and asked:“I shouldn’t see the effect now!”
“can!My mother’s back hurts,The interval is ten or twenty minutes later。Every time it hurts,There are at least three waves,But looking at her now,This disease won’t happen again”