Homemade Fertility Nutrition Package


Homemade Fertility Nutrition Package

Recently, everyone said that Qiufeng was thin. In fact, recently, Qiufeng did not have a business trip, and did not stay up late, would it be thinner?

I didn’t want to understand, no matter what, Qiufeng had to gain fat and fat, and the length of this meter is as long as a pole.

  The weight loss products in this market are dazzling, and all of them are eager to reduce the amount here. Oh, Qiu Feng has to go against them this time, and come to a fattening plan.

  This fattening depends on drugs, it is not good, because it doesn’t matter what kind of rebound, and now there is only diet therapy. Oh, Qiufeng is a gourmet expert.

After pondering for a long time, I thought it might be a factor of uneven nutrition, so Qiufeng gave me a nutrition supplement package.


Breakfast: two bowls of porridge, one egg, a noodle like a flower roll, plus a cup of soy milk, even if the milk, Qiu Feng does not like the milky taste of the whole body, and it is necessary to take a bee to attract the butterfly.


Reason: Sichuan pork back, salt burned white, steamed pork ribs, steamed fish, and then a bowl of green horse corn horse dung carrot keel.


Dinner: continue to return to the pot of meat, kelp stewed pig’s trotters, braised duck, and then a vegetarian two bottles of beer.

I heard that beer can increase fat, there is liquid bread, but Qiufeng can drink ten bottles of beer at a time, but they have not seen a “general belly”. It may be the reason for drinking too much, so ah, nowJust drink two bottles, huh, huh.


Stay up late: a cup of coffee, a piece of semolina bread, or a piece of garlic and bones to pack his two bottles of beer.

  Oh, I don’t believe that I am not fat.