When Xia Jiangang asked who he was,Phone has been hung up。Fang Fang glanced at Xia Jian and said:”Did someone ask you out?Nothing,We two help you“

”I’m afraid this is not good!I’m embarrassed if it hurts you“Xia Jian said with some worry。
Han Juan stood up abruptly and said:”Let’s go!We both clean up,So that they can’t see it。I haven’t touched it for many days,Just move your muscles and bones“
Xia Jian thought for a while,Nodded and agreed。The three of them left the hotel together,Stopped a car on the road,Go straight to Dongling 2nd Road,Man or ghost,It’s clear at night。
First1037chapter Fight
Dim light,A few abandoned factories。
Xia Jianhe Fang Fang、Han Juan got off the taxi,Follow the phone’s instructions,Walk forward,What appeared before my eyes was such a scene。
Push open the rusty iron gate,Three people walked inside。If this is alone,Absolutely no guts to walk in。It’s like a ghost film seen in a movie。Xia Jian is bold,Two women with extraordinary skills followed,He was a little timid。If he comes alone,He can’t come in here,Even if the other party scolds him。
”President Xia!Don’t go inside anymore,Be careful to be in an ambush“Fang Fang gently pulled Xia Jian,Whispered in his ear。
Xia Jianyi listen,Then stopped,Standing in a yard full of iron blocks。at this time,His phone rang,A woman said in a low voice:”Not bad!Also brought a helper,It’s ok,We are not afraid of how many people come。Please come into the workshop,We have been waiting in there for a long time“
Just finished saying this,The phone hung up。Xia Jian hesitated,Take the lead and walk inside、The big iron door of the workshop is hidden,Xia Jian used all his strength,Slammed the big iron door open。He was thinking,If there is an ambush behind the gate,He pushed,Must be pushed down,But there is no one behind the door。
Some things are thrown in a mess in the workshop,Accidentally trips people。Xia Jian walked in,Watching the route,If something goes back,,It seems that I can only go back the same way,Because all the windows are sealed。
Suddenly,An electric light on the roof of the workshop suddenly lights up,Although not very bright,But took a picture of the whole workshop。at this time,From behind a few large wooden boxes,Seven or eight yellow hairs came out。the difference is,These yellow hairs are basically the same height and body shape,Neither tall nor short,Appears to be trained。
Followed by,A coquettish woman came out,The woman is wearing a pair of high riding boots,The hair is tied into a ponytail and left behind,She is dressed in leather,He wore studded boxing gloves on both hands。
”Hahahaha!Summer always!Sure enough, the artist is bold,Also considered a romantic figure,Even if you are looking for death,Also bring a woman“This woman is laughing,Brought these people step by step。
Only after approaching Xia Jian did I see clearly,This woman is the woman with Heiwa today。Turns out it was her call,Where did her call come from??
Xia Jian was puzzled,Asked coldly:”What do you want to do?Who made you come“Xia Jian’s voice is not high,But it sounds unusually cold。
”You have too many questions, right!Why don’t you go to the Lord Yan to ask?,I believe his old man will definitely give you a satisfactory answer,how about it?“Woman talking,Made a gesture of closing with both hands。These Huang Xingtons are encircled,Formed into a semi-encircled situation。