“You all go take a rest!Go to work tomorrow if you have money,Chunni still stay。You get married on the sixth day of the first month,This wedding will be held in our house,To be the biggest wedding in Xiping Village,I want to entertain guests for three days”Wang Degui suddenly broke the silence,He gasped and said。

Chen Yueqin,And said with a smile:“So many people in Xiping Village,If you really have a three-day banquet,That still doesn’t make our family poor”
“Alright mom!Who in Xiping Village now eats for a bite?。I’m afraid no one will come,Because people nowadays don’t worry about food and clothing”Wang Youcai can’t bear the stingy of Chen Yueqin,So he immediately interrupted her。
Chen Yueqin was originally dissatisfied with what Wang Youcai did today。Now Wang Youcai ran out to choke her again,She just caught the opportunity。
“Just can you?A three-day banquet can cost a lot of money,You can get the money?”Chen Yueqin gave Wang Youcai a blank look,Said coldly。
Wang Youcai just about to speak,Wang Degui slapped the wall with anger。He roared:“I will pay for the wedding,You can think of a solution for Chunni’s gift money”
Wang Youcai listened,Happy,What kind of gift does Chunni have?,But he can’t tell his parents about it,Otherwise this will affect Chunni’s future status in this family。
“dad!Let’s take care of this,Do whatever you want,As long as you feel happy。As for the money,I can’t let you pay,I will pay for my wedding,I don’t want them to pick me up again”Wang Youcai said very firmly。
Wang Degui snorted coldly:“What’s wrong with my son’s wedding?。What qualifications do they have to talk nonsense?”
“you’re right,We can’t let Chunni be wronged”Chen Yueqin immediately changed her mouth。
Yao Chunni listened,Those who were moved lower their heads。Tell the truth,Yao Chunni is really a hard-working woman。She married Chen Sui Cong Shi,There is no wedding at all,It’s just that the relatives of both sides sat together and had a potluck。
So poor。Plus her parents died early,Brother-in-law treats her just to save face,It’s not bad to marry her smoothly。Who will spend which money for a banquet?。
Chen Sui’s situation from home is also very bad,Li Xianglan also hastily,Not to save two money。Now when I hear her second marriage,Have a big wedding。Can you say Yao Chunni is not excited??
Wang Youcai knows too,He knows why his parents attach so much importance to his marriage,It’s not that the two old men like Yao Chunni,He followed it only by others’ light。
I wanted to take a break in my room,As a result, someone from the neighbor’s house came to see Wang Degui,Then Wang Youcai can’t leave。