“What devil fruit?The information I got after eating is probably oleaginous!”Skopodor had no intention of hiding。“Superman Oil Fruit!”

Leo’s eyes moved。
Youyouguo actually knows,This is the cadre in the Doflamingo family!But what is oil fruit?
Looked completely“Oily”Skopodor,Leo kept thinking about the next thing。
“What a pity!”Skopodor couldn’t help shaking his head。“This is the first time I have used the power of devil fruit in battle,Otherwise it’s impossible to let you pierce my arm!”
“Oh?Do you think your fruit power can block the sword in my hand?”Leo continues to test。
“Haha,You will know if you come over and try!”After talking, Scrooge laughed and rushed towards Leo in the distance.。
Leo knew that the other party did not eat natural food,The retreat in my heart has disappeared,So at the same time welcoming Skopodor。
Leo’s mind is all on Skopodor’s body,When the opponent rushed over, he could clearly see,The surrounding land has been oiled。
However, petrochemical is only limited to Skopodor’s close position,As long as Skopodor leaves,The surroundings will return to their original appearance。
As a demon fruit capable person,He has long understood the characteristics of the devil fruit。
Although development requires personal ability and brainpower,But the devil fruit itself has levels。
The performance of this level is to affect the surrounding distance。
Naturally, the animal system can only affect itself,This has the smallest impact。So the animal line is called the weakest fruit。
It’s not that the fruit is weak,But the scope of influence is weak,Limited to oneself。
And the higher-level superhuman system can already affect the surrounding things in a small range,Wait till the fruit awakens,The impact is great。