When the concise desktop is back on his electronic device again,Chen Cheng wants to cry again。

Why is there always tears in his eyes,Probably because of the deep love for Xin System。
But after he waited hard to install the system,One-click tick to install all common software,Then through the previous cloud record,Signed in to WeChat,I received news from Lu Jia。
Let him work。
Design three new recruitment posters of the Beijing Brain Machine Branch within three days。
There are still many requirements,Listed one by one。
Chen Cheng froze for a while,Then I started to get busy,A chance to win,How could it be wasted?
Really fragrant。
Once people get busy,It’s easy to forget the passage of time。
Especially this time in order to deal with this matter,Came here two days earlier,He’s alone in the bedroom,Easier to forget time。
Wait for him to make a poster,Took a long breath,When ready to go online,Just opened the browser,I see the message pushed by the software。
“Microsoft ceases to deal with ChinaWindowsOperating system continues to provide services。”