Confirm is Liao Wenjie himself,Come and tears,Therefore, while calm,Silently give two sisters。

Really, a sister,Know what she is most wanting?,Touching people back。
It’s not bad,Not too stupid,Don’t worry about her,One accidentally let the two have steal the phone。
Mobile phone is deliberately lost,But the cold is not fraudulent,Some nasal sounds when talking。
Come to tears, last night, mood,All kinds of irritation,What did you do?,I plan to wash a cold water.,I got a cold after I came back.。
Be more depressed。
Although there are two sisters accompanying,But the emotion is that there is no sister with a man.,Heart is air falling,Sorry, no god, lose mobile phone。
As a sick woman,I want to let the people accompany them around you.,I want to have a bad rehabilitation earlier.,What happened to use a small means?!
I don’t understand this simple truth.,That is called sad。
“I heard that you are sick.,I came over and see,I will walk right away.。”Liao Wenjie said while turning on the bookshelf。
I will walk right away.,Why do you want to find a bug??
Come to tears,Easy from pillows、Desk drawer、Three bugs in the shoe cabinet,Open the door to the corridor。
The time before the two sisters installed the bug,She is noticed,Now they have the end of their value,There is no need to keep retaining.。
River!Unloading killing!
“Hello, skilled!”
Liao Wenjie mouth pumping,I can’t hear the sorrow of the opposite weak.。
“They are too stupid.……”
I have biting my lips:“Ager,All come,Can you accompany me for a while??”
“Not very suitable,Everyone ordinary friends,And I have a date in the evening.,I will not go late.。”
Come and tearful,I want to ask what?,Going back to God, surprising, chaos,Liao Wenjie is not a slag male,Only two days,There is no love period.,How can I have a dating object so soon?。
Unhealthy man。
Come and tear my heart,Not careful:“I started the new life so soon.,congratulation,Can you tell me how you know??”
“Elder introduction。”
Liao Wenjie said:“After leaving the warehouse that night,I picked up an old age dementia in the street.,Send it home according to the strips in his pocket,Only I know that he is a big family.,Then, I was arranged to be arranged.……”
“at the very beginning,They arranged me a successor of a guest.,Beautiful is very beautiful,But too small,Be 14 years old,I have not accepted。”
“Wait a minute,Why do you want to accept?”Come and tears。
“I listen to people,The way to forget the feelings is to start a feeling.,Have a reason,Decided to try it。”
“wrong,Condition is not mature,Will only lead to the bitter fruit of failure。You haven’t put down yet,Let’s restrain other girls,Not only you are sad,The girl will also be sad。”I have a tearful and tears.,no other meaning,Purely don’t want to see friends。
This is poor,Strong twisted melon is not sweet,But it is thirsty!
“I will say later in the future.,I first put the difficulties in front of you.,Consider other problems。”
Liao Wenjie said:“Later, they gave me a girl who gave me a family.,Eighteen years old,quite pretty,Tonight’s dating object is her。”