[What is the amount of dishes in the 7th slimming soup for one day?]

[What is the amount of dishes for the 7th Slimming Soup for a day?

】 _How much amount_How much amount

Weight loss is a very popular thing in modern life, because the obesity problem of modern people is getting more and more serious, causing too many people to have health problems and bringing too many diseases to the body, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.

There are many ways to lose weight. Among them, eating seven-day slimming soup is a popular method. Let’s take a look at the amount of dishes in one day?

1. Materials First, we will introduce how to make the 7-day slimming soup. The materials he needs are tomatoes, cabbage, onion, cabbage, pepper and celery. Put these vegetables in a pot and boil with white water., Until it becomes soft, and then add the appropriate amount of salt and flavoring according to your own taste, drink a bowl every day when you feel fat, at least to ensure that the capacity of eight bowls a day.

2. Recipes After we make a seven-day slimming soup, here are the recipes to eat every day.

The first day is the method of slimming Tonga with fruits, the second day is slimming Tonga with vegetables, and the third day is slimming Tonga with fruits and vegetables. This is the next analogous recipe to complete the seven-day dosage. Do not eat anything else, onlyEat fruits, vegetables, and weight-loss soups, and stick to them to get the results you want.

In fact, in general, there is no certain limit on the amount of vegetables on the 7th slimming soup. We put these materials in the pot. After cooking, as long as you feel burns, you can eat fresh vegetables as much as possible.The vitamin content in it is relatively high. If you reduce it, you can lose weight. You can also ensure your own nutrition. Fruits try to choose some cool fruits such as apple and tomato. Do n’t eat bananas. This kind of fruit is not good for weight loss.of.

In fact, if you really want to lose weight for your aunt, it will last at least one Wednesday.

(Because the human body reduces its food intake for about 7 days, it will reduce its dependence on sugar and start to use accidental sources of supply.

) And this monotonous weight loss method is often unpalatable and can not last long, but leads to overeating after reducing fat.

Coupled with reduced metabolism, weight gain is fast, and weight loss is more difficult than once.