Green housing is the pursuit of natural health

Green housing is the pursuit of natural health

For a long time in the prosperous city, people far from nature are increasingly eager for bright sunshine, fresh air, quiet environment. And with the rapid improvement of people’s quality of life, the people’s demand for housing is getting higher and higher, starting moreThe place is longing for “village villas”, “villages in the city”, “homes in the park”. But, with such an idea, is it possible to enjoy a true green life?

We still have to know more about understanding.

  The so-called green house is based on the local natural environment, using the basic principles of ecology, architecture and modern scientific means to rationally arrange and organize the relationship between residential buildings and other related factors, so that the house and the environment become an organic combination.body.

“Green House” is a temporary concept of living.

Experts believe that green housing is guided by the idea of sustainable development, and gradually seeks the harmonious unity between nature, architecture and people. On the basis of “people-oriented”, it uses natural conditions and artificial means to create a benefit for people.A comfortable, healthy living environment, while at the same time controlling the use of natural resources to achieve a balance between natural demand and return.

The concept of a green house is nothing new.

From the small igloos of the Arctic Eskimos to the heavy adobe houses in the desert, from the simplest shacks of the primitive social indigenous people to the local dwellings of the modern countryside, they all contain more or less simple green ecological ideas.

  In recent years, after experiencing the intensification of competition in the real estate market, some real estate developers have launched “green cards” in an attempt to attract consumers with “green houses”.

Like “ecological environment”, “ecological community”, and the “green house” of the “Yayuan”, some consumers can’t find the North.

In these residential communities that are marked with “green”, “ecological” and “environmental protection”, some real estate developers “speak consistently”. After the completion of the residential environment, the interior environment is elegant and built a warm home for the buyers.

And some real estate developers playing “green cards” is entirely a commercial hype, and the concept of “green houses” does not replace their construction.

Some projects even simply plant flowers or plants under the banner of some new environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products, and they will be crowned with the title of “green house”, “green community” and “ecological community”.Make the buyers faint.

Some communities are just a few high-rise buildings, and the green signs such as flowers and turf are hard to find. Such houses are also called “green houses”, and the good life is disappointing!

  Green houses are definitely just an expert greening.

From the perspective of planning, we must improve and improve people’s ecological environment and quality of life as the starting point and goal.

In addition, the specific design, pay attention to the level of green layout, style and building should reflect each other, some different plants complement each other, and at the same time committed to play a greening role, in the community’s ecological other deeper role.

Green houses tend to be more primitive and natural in function, instead returning to nature and entering a primitive natural state.

  At present, many projects are to build a building and then build a landscape, then close the door and ignore the environment outside the community.

Some of the funds allocated, the planning within the red line is good, but the surrounding land development is out of control, causing the natural landscape to be destroyed.

In fact, a good green landscape environment is not necessarily luxurious.

Some developers use a large number of pesticides in the name of maintaining the lawn and maintaining the ecology. This is precisely anti-ecological. How can residents breathe fresh air?

Green houses should be flexible in the use of the landscape environment, not to be tired of it, but to be used by me, pay attention to the accessibility of the landscape environment.

If there is a “home” to have a “garden”, the two must be combined into one, otherwise they will be judged as outdated residential products.

The most appropriate landscape design is to design the integration of architecture and environment on that particular plot, so that the residential community can be unique and rejuvenate.

  Green housing is the product of a variety of technology integration, residential design is very important, designers must participate in planning and construction throughout the process.

The designer should first consider how to integrate his work into the surrounding nature. By borrowing the landscape, using the landscape, and using the forest to create a harmonious blend of works and nature, people can’t tell whether they are human or natural.Don’t use “several pass and one level” to artificially create a landscape.

Of course, the community environment greening is gradually moving towards “horticulturalization”. Many developers deliberately pursue architecture and viewing on green landscapes, and natural terrain blends with artificial attractions.

It enables people to be exposed to greening at every key point in their daily life, so that the green environment is no longer just a green space, but a continuous system.

The harmony between green houses and nature is reflected in the energy, material aspects, and also in the spiritual realm, including the integration of ecological houses and natural landscapes, and the integration of social culture.

  The “machine” that houses a single residence is still a space that provides comfort, hygiene, and health benefits for people.

The real estate is the ultimate goal of a healthy and civilized new home that meets the needs of human society and human needs.

Green houses, also known as healthy homes, should be put in place.

First of all, the house should be beneficial to people’s physical health, such as having extra sunshine to achieve sterilization, good ventilation, high-quality fresh air, and no radiation, pollution-free interior decoration materials.

In terms of mental health, the house must ensure the safety and privacy required for family life, and must meet the requirements of neighborhood communication and human-natural interaction.

There is another important meaning of health, which refers to the harmonious relationship between the house and nature.

Residential buildings should minimize the impact on the natural environment, such as reducing emissions of harmful gases, carbon dioxide, solid waste, etc., and reducing damage to the biosphere.

  As a green house, it must have good sunshine, ventilation, and lighting. These three are important factors for residential comfort (health, health).

  Since the concept of the house is no longer in the scope of the four walls and a roof in today’s home buyers, they have more eyes on the window, hoping to have a floral bird language, quiet and quiet.And leisurely.In order to prevent air, water, noise, solid waste and light pollution around the property, it is advisable to choose the upper hand and the less pollution source when buying property.

  The true green housing, as well as the green standardization of building decoration materials, depends on the green standardization of furniture products and the green standardization of the construction process.

Absolutely, complaints about indoor air pollution caused by building decoration have increased.

It causes air pollution in the living room, mainly for building decoration materials including formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, hydrazine and other poisonous gases brought by soil and wooden furniture.

A green house should be a house with a housing environment that meets the environmental requirements set by the state. It must not cause harm to the personal health and safety of the person.

Of course, to meet the requirements of green housing, even one of the real estate developers, even need to be closely selected from the selection, design, construction, construction, decoration, decoration, decoration, etc., do a good job of predictive pre-control.