[How to freeze chestnut]_ freezing method _ how to make

[How to freeze chestnut]_ freezing method _ how to make

Although the chestnut is covered with a hard shell on the outside, it looks very easy to preserve. In fact, if you don’t pay attention to the method during the preservation, it is extremely easy for the chestnut to grow worms.

So after buying chestnuts home, be sure to save them.

There are many ways to make chestnut. What should I say?
One way is to fry chestnut with sugar.

But today I will explain the making steps of frozen chestnut.

Ice chestnut practice step 1.

Wash the chestnut clean 2.

Scrape 3 on the chestnut.

Put the chestnuts in the pot, add half a bowl of water, you can use the chestnuts, two tablespoons of rock sugar, cover with a high heat and boil, turn to low heat and cook slowly.Stir in olive oil to make the chestnuts softer and waxier4.

It can be cooked in just two minutes. Ice chestnut Introduction: As a food, the most popular use method in China is to stir-fry chestnuts. Mixing sugar and sand will turn black sand into chestnuts.Heating evenly, the second is to make it difficult to lose the sugar in chestnuts.

The fried chestnuts are sweet and delicious.

There is a small nest of chestnut noodles in Beijing snacks. It is said that it was spread from the imperial palace and was appreciated by the Empress Dowager Cixi.

Efficacy: Li chestnut has the function of nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, and strengthening the kidneys and gluten.

“Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Chestnut is sweet and warm, into the spleen, stomach and kidney.

“Tang Dynasty Sun Simiao said:” Chestnut, the fruit of the kidney, kidney disease should be eaten.

“The Compendium of Materia Medica” states: “Li Li treats kidney deficiency, waist and leg weakness, can pass the kidney and benefit Qi, and thicken the stomach.

“Some people have a cold inside, and the diarrhea is like a note.

“Su Dongpo’s younger brother Su Zi praised the chestnut’s therapeutic effect by writing poems.”

The guest came to say that the morning was late, and the three-throat Xu received white jade pulp.