[Baby food supplement for four months]_4 months baby_How to eat

[Baby food supplement for four months]_4 months baby_How to eat

When your baby is four months old, you can try to eat some complementary foods, but what you can eat depends on your baby ‘s constitution. Some babies develop slowly, and it ‘s not easy to digest foods. Some babies are allergic, soPay attention when making complementary foods.

The most commonly used complementary foods for babies are rice soup and rice cereal, which are easy to eat and digest, and there are other porridges to try.

Let’s take a closer look at it: 1. Rice soup, rice cereal: Because rice soup is less likely to cause the baby to feel.

2. Puree: Yolk puree, banana puree, apple puree, red date puree, carrot puree, mashed potato, tofu paste.

Ability to widen your baby’s food range.

3, fruit juice: you can add vegetable juice, fruit juice, apple, orange squeezed directly into juice, taste good nutrition.

4, egg yolk: You can add egg yolk, some chicken liver, grind with a spoon into a mud, eat it with your baby, add iron.

The added complementary food must start with one, slowly increase from one, and increase from less.

From thin to thick, from fine to thick.

Ensure safety.

Special attention: yolk mud may cause allergies to your baby. When adding egg yolk to complementary foods, you should try it from a small amount. If there is no perception, you can continue to consume it.

Other complementary foods and their methods1. Fresh orange juice material: 1 fresh orange, moderate boiling water.

Method: Wash the oranges, cut them in half, squeeze out the juice with a juicer or other juice squeezing device, and add the same or slightly warm water.

Nutrition Tips: Oranges have higher vitamin C content than pears, apples, and bananas, and every 100 grams of edible oranges contains 0 oil and protein.

6 grams, 9 grams carbohydrate, 26 mg calcium, 49 mg vitamin C.

2, 10 times porridge material: rice, water, the ratio of rice to water is 1:10.

Method: (1) After soaking the rice for 30 minutes (or at least some time), put it in a pot and cook it. After boiling, change to low heat and then cook. Turn off the heat and simmer for 10 minutes.

(2) The rice porridge is poured out and poured into a simmered bowl to make white rice gruel.

(3) This kind of porridge is very useful and can be cooked and eaten with a variety of foods.

3, millet porridge material: millet, water, the ratio is (1:10).

Method: After soaking millet for 30 minutes, put it in a pot and cook. After boiling, simmer for 40 minutes and turn off the heat for 10 minutes.

Nutrition Tips: Millet porridge is rich in nutrients and contains vitamins and minerals, such as: carotene, vitamin B1, B2 and so on.

Protein content up to 8.

9%, aunt content 3.

0%, 1% -3% higher than ordinary rice.

Care should be taken not to thin the porridge with millet.