The two princes still have something to say,That is, the profit gained here is too exaggerated,The family will definitely not give up easily。

After all, after eating crab,You let them change back to eating vegetables,They may not be willing!
Liu Xing sighed,“Actually, I don’t have much contact with Cen Wen。I knew he had a high IQ,Even in planning, it can be called those ancient famous generals.。”
In fact, Liu Xing still doesn’t know enough about Cen Wen,After all, Liu Xing also joined Qin Feng’s team during the Golden Triangle battle.,So I don’t have much contact with Cen Wen。I don’t even have a chance to talk alone。
At most I know that some of the battle plans at that time were made by Cen Wen,others,Just stay on the surface understanding。
So now Chen Chong and two of them asked him to say something, so he couldn’t say it clearly.。
When the three of them were talking,The door of the room was knocked。
All three
Froze for a while,Chen Chong responded faster,“Come in!”。
Then there was a small soldier who came in,And this little soldier is not from the Fengmeng team,Can only be regarded as one of Cen Wen’s members。
But the three of them don’t know why the soldier came here,So he asked with doubts,“what happened?”
“Commander Cen Wen said,He won’t be back here temporarily,So you want to continue to operate!But this matter needs to be discussed after he returns。”
Finished,This soldier is gone。
And Chen Chong,Is stunned in place。
Because they don’t know what to say,of course,They believed this little soldier,After all, the news that Cen Wen escaped,Not many people can know。Even if it wasn’t for Qin Feng to deliver the news,,The two sons of Chen Chong are still unknown,so,If a soldier in a barracks can receive this news, unless it is contacted by Cenwen,Otherwise, the other party will never know。
In other words,What the soldier said may really be helping Cen Wen to pass on the content。
“Can he believe what he said?”Song Di Xu asked。