Bai Lu holds the jade pendant in her hand,Can be sent by a man named Uncle Xiangchen,Nature is priceless,But I just accepted it,Does it seem frivolous?I want to give the jade pendant in my hand to Xiangyang,But feel a little wrong,Bai Lu was caught in a dilemma for a while。

“I told you already,I found this jade pendant to give to Xiang Chen’s wife!This kid is so indifferent,It’s not easy to have a woman willing to follow him,Wait until Grandpa Seven finds another good piece,Leave it to you!”
Xiong Yu looked at Xiangyang,Full of petting face。
Cai Kunpeng looked like a few people enjoying family happiness,Don’t know how to evaluate。I really want to find my face,But my face is not worth 100 million?
The same conspiracy,But now the person in a dilemma is Cai Kunpeng。
“Opposite kid,When you hurry uphaocha100.between,I only have half an hour,Halfway through now!”
Xiong Yu looked at Cai Kunpeng,Said impatiently。
Cai Kunpeng laughed dumbly,Only half an hour,But looking at the gold on the table,It seems that the mission of this little old man is complete。
“I’m afraid it won’t be that long for you!”
When Cai Kunpeng didn’t know what to do,Another voice rang outside the door。
Everyone followed the voice and looked over,But the person who appeared this time,Not many people know。
It’s just the person who looks like the son standing in front of the head,Don’t talk about looks,Just stand there,So many of the girls present fell for him。
“I thought you still maintained the original speed!I didn’t expect the speed to be so fast now!”
Xiong Yu laughed,Turned to look at the gate,Sarcasm appeared on his face。