Put down chopsticks,The wine in the glass has no taste,Han Zhili looked at Xiang Chen quietly,But the latter doesn’t seem to have any intention to respond to him,And shook his head a few times inadvertently,Seriously challenged Han Zhili’s authority。

Han Zhili will never admit that today this is to see the new uncle,But isn’t it all legendary that the son-in-law will lose half his life when he sees the old man??How come after I saw this Xiang Chen,Seems a little cautious?
The tormented time finally passed,Korean Xiang and babysitter Aunt Zhang helped grandma to the bedroom to talk,Only Han Zhili and Xiang Chen are left on the table,There are leftovers。
Han Zhili examines Xiang Chen,Xiang Chen also looked at Han Zhili,Both of them seem to be adopting a policy of not moving.,In the end, Han Zhili couldn’t help being silent,Xiang Chen cast an angry look,Want to speak,But before speaking,First filled myself with a glass of wine。
“Principal Han,Isn’t your old man nervous??”
Xiang Chen looked at Han Zhili,After Han Zhili drank all his wine,What Xiang Chen said was to make Han Zhili almost spit out the wine he had just drunk。
Chapter One Hundred and Eleven Two fathers
In the Chinese historical tradition,No matter what kind of identity,When taken home by a girl,After meeting her father,Rao is this person can call the wind and the rain outside,But in front of the girl’s father,Will become very cautious。
Such an experience,Ninety percent of Chinese men have enjoyed it,Han Zhili was the same。
Like a 100-year-old daughter-in-law,Although I didn’t admit Xiang Chen’s relationship with his daughter this time,,But Han Zhili still enjoys the treatment brought by this pseudo-identity。Several confrontations with Xiang Chen,All end without disease,Now my daughter, mother and babysitter have all gone into the bedroom,Only Han Zhili and Xiang Chen left on the table。
Seeing Xiang Chen not speaking is a bit cramped,Han Zhili wanted to give Xiang Chen a chance,It’s about my daughter’s happiness,No matter if my guess is true or not,Han Zhili is still a little nervous。
I want to drink a sip of wine to stabilize my emotions,But a sweet and fragrant stream of warmth came down,Then what Xiang Chen said,Almost let Han Zhili spit out the wine he swallowed。
Angrily scolded,Han Zhili put down the cup heavily。
DuangThe sound of,Scared Xiang Chen jumped,But I can’t find any fear on my face。
“I’m nervous!Be honest,How did you hook up with my girl?”