The latter is helpless,But let go of the things in your hands、finally,Su Rou couldn’t help but speak,“Hey,Why are you sick and fever?”

“I also have a hard time understanding?After all, my body is so good,How can germs invade successfully?”It’s just that Qin Feng turned around,“But then again,What is harder for me to imagine is,You came to visit。”
Qin Feng was somewhat curious about how he was sent to the hospital。But no one will answer him,And he can’t investigate。
Su Rou didn’t answer Qin Feng’s words,The scene became quite awkward。
I don’t know how long has passed,Su Rou finally stopped talking,“I want to ask,Du Heng,Is it related to you?”
Qin Feng actually knew that the other party would doubt,He didn’t plan to hide,Just admit it so simply and neatly。
After all, things over there must be in the news,As for the content of the news,Qin Feng didn’t pay attention,I don’t want to pay attention now。But because they retreated in time,Presumably even an official person cannot find him in a short time。
“Not me against you,Actually these days I also wondered if I did a little too much before。only,Why are you doing this?I read,You are not like a cold-blooded killer who has taken on some task to kill someone!”
to be frank,This is the first time Su Rou sat down and talked with Qin Feng so seriously。This makes the latter somewhat uncomfortable。
“amount.Am i dreaming?”Qin Feng muttered,But seeing Su Rou’s eyes,He can only say with a smile:“Some things i have to do。Just this secret,I can’t tell you!”
Qin Feng smiled bitterly!
Not many people know about their revenge.。Besides,If you let Su Rou know,Obviously, she is also involved in danger。
How to say,This girl should have lived an ordinary life happily,If she is involved in family revenge,,This is cruel to a girl in her twenties。
Su Rou was angry when she saw Qin Feng like this,But in the end she just snorted and turned away。
She told herself before coming here,Can’t lose temper,Since I know that Du Heng’s death is related to Qin Feng,Then she only needs to investigate in this direction,Maybe you can find the information you want。
Su Rou was walking on the road after leaving the hospital,But also in thinking。
“According to news reports,Du Heng seemed to commit suicide by swallowing a gun in the end。Plus if Qin Feng didn’t lie to me,Then Lao Zhang also committed suicide。So to speak,This is what the two have in common。only,Why they commit suicide?Is it because you owe Qin Feng??”