Old people have to adhere to the 7 principles of sexual life


Old people have to adhere to the 7 principles of sexual life

Sex research experts believe that regular sexual life can bring happiness to the elderly and is good for health.

But it is not easy for the elderly to have a good sex life.

In the case of men, testosterone levels, sexual function and libido in the body change with age.

However, if you can follow the following seven recommendations, you can fully improve the above situation: 1.

Communicate with your partner and communicate frankly about each other’s thoughts and needs, care, and care for each other, and help the two to have a pleasant sexual experience.


Ask a doctor to ask your doctor for misunderstandings about sex and give substantial help to the elderly, especially those who have chronic illnesses or take medications that affect sex life.

The doctor will provide the most practical method based on your physical condition.


Redefining sexual love does not completely overlap sexual intercourse. It is exciting to understand that touching, kissing and other intimate contacts.


Finding new ways of sex Some small changes can improve the quality of sexual life.

For example, choose the most toxic time, such as sexual life after waking up in the morning; do not choose to be exhausted at night or in the middle of the night.

Choosing new places and ways can also make your sex life colorful.

In addition, we must try to extend the process of the foreplay, even in the hours before sex, to fully evoke each other’s sexual desire.


Single elderly people should find a partner.


Keep your body healthy and eat nutritious foods, maintain a positive attitude, don’t drink too much, don’t smoke, and don’t abuse drugs.


Maintaining a positive attitude Many people think that they are old, their physical functions are degraded, their appearance is ugly, and their sexual functions are not as good as before. These are facts, but not all, and they are not the “roadblockers” that hinder the enjoyment of the elderly.

Old people should tell their partners about these ideas, which is beneficial to the two sides to coordinate and accept the change of the other side, to obtain satisfactory sex.