and so,For Li Tianzhi,Safety comes first,His flesh hovered on the edge of a black hole in the void,Guardian of God by Li Xiucheng,But only temporarily,It is impossible in the mortal world to have a body capable of carrying such a powerful soul,So seizing the house is not feasible,Can only be cautious and cautious。

The falling stars quickly become bigger,Already faintly visible‘Seal of God’s Punishment’Outline,With the force of wind and thunder, the guardians who were chasing finally felt a terrible breath,Suddenly there was a sound of surprise in the belly of the mountain,The voice pierced Li Tianzhen’s soul,It hit his chest fiercely like a sledgehammer。
Good old guy,Li Tianzhen snorted,The pale golden fluid was almost shaken away by the opponent,He knew that the voice was not from Kampot,But from the old evildoer from Dala Mountain,This evildoer seems to have recovered,Much stronger than when he first came to Dala Mountain。
Li Tianzhen moves extremely fast,The pale golden streamer has rushed to the top of the big seal,Completely cut off the second wave of spiritual shock of the old enchanting,A guardian rushes to the stamp pad of the Great Seal,In a blink of an eye, there is not even a scum left to be killed by the tyrannical formation rune,influenced by,Dayin just swayed slightly,Landed straight again。
At this moment‘Seal of God’s Punishment’Just revealed the majesty,A huge colorful bird with the same name raised its head and neighed on the print handle,The seal handle is the Optimus Pillar in the Nantian Gate,The stamp pad emits a dazzling light,Suddenly expanded several times,The body of the ancient blue dragon appears in the light and shadow,On its side is an ancient mammoth。
After a scream,A white light burst from the belly of the mountain,Go straight to the big seal,The old evildoer already knows that disaster is imminent,Due to the restrictions of the seal, it is not possible to directly show that the real body responds to the enemy,Just put out a clone that was hard to cultivate,This clone is close to perfection,Supernatural power,The only weakness is strength,The strength is still mental power,So I want to use strengths and avoid weaknesses,With a powerful mental attack, first kill the heavy singing bird on the seal handle。
But one shot,The old evildoer knew it was wrong,Suddenly a phoenix full of flames flew out from behind the resonant bird,Raging flames,The firelight like sunset illuminates the entire night sky,Then a nine-headed divine bird flew out from behind,But not Jiuying,But the real nine Luanfeng,Nine big mouths spout nine kinds of flames,Combines the fire of the phoenix,Instantly trapped the clone of the old evildoer in the center。
and‘Seal of God’s Punishment’Falling fast without being affected at all,Boom,The dull sound spreads across the mountains,Very shocking,After a dazzling aurora,The main peak of Mount Dala no longer exists。
Under the Great Seal,Caused the entire mountain to shake,Landslides in many places、landslide,The severely damaged is the southern slope of the mountain,The three ancient temples below were immediately submerged in rolling rocks and thick soil。
Although the North Slope is less damaged,but‘Captive farm’There has also been a large area of landslides,Guardians and preachers who participated in the melee here,The other twelve puppets that suddenly appeared joined forces and swept them all out,And Kampot, who had just arrived, was caught off guard and was seriously injured.,But it’s a pity,Still escaped by him。
In the belly of the mountain,Li Tianzhen saw the dark space that trapped him for a long time,There is no mystery in his eyes at this time,After incorporating Li Xiucheng’s primordial spirit, the eye of insight is stronger than before.,Almost instantly parsed out the array rune structure that formed the dark space,To put it bluntly, it is a maze with the nature of pulling the soul,It is also the gateway to the hiding place of the old evildoer。
Chapter VIII Tiangang Refining God Style
Li Tianzhi steps into the dark space,The collapse of the mountain obviously has a great impact on this place,Space appears chaotic,And very unstable,Far from the gloomy and gloomy when I came last time、Boundless feeling。
His primordial spirit appears from a phantom to an entity mentality,And started to expand rapidly,The dark space also expanded,And release all kinds of weirdness、Dirty stuff,Which includes the ones I saw last time‘Soul Reaper’,This little ghost like a bug is pervasive,But in front of Li Xiucheng’s soul,Often before they get close, they are killed by the golden light of the whole body,Vanish from the invisible。
Li Xiucheng’s soul is vast,And have divine blessings,Not afraid of any evil、Interference from negative factors,The so-called method of pulling the soul is of no use to Li Tianzhi。
Yuanshen continues to expand,Like a natural giant,The dark space makes a humming noise,Obviously trying to maintain,But it doesn’t seem to keep up with the growth of giants。
“Baby,Unexpectedly, you found the dead ghost to bless you,No wonder so arrogant。”The old evildoer finally couldn’t help but speak out in shock,The dead ghost seems to refer to Li Xiucheng。
“Old stuff,Without further ado,Hand over my treasure and reincarnation,Today’s affairs still need to be discussed,Otherwise I will tear down the mountain and destroy the gate!”
“what,Haha,Yellow mouth children,Do you think Li Xiucheng’s soul can endure the old man??”
“I’ll see it soon?”Li Tianzhen sneered,He could hear the old evildoer emboldening himself,The purpose is to delay time,Can’t say that‘Nirvana handkerchief’Near,I really want to be rushed by this thing,It is obviously difficult for him to deal with two guys who have reached the realm of the gods and demons at the same time,But things have been done to this point,It’s just a pleasure。