In Li Ming’s sea of knowledge,Five flames phantom running,Turn into a streamer to be in harmony with the divine body。

Five days to understand the first level,But he didn’t rush to practice。
This supernatural power,But the low-level power is just average,At least you have to cultivate to the sixth level,It can barely exceed the magical powers currently used。
simply,First understand to the extreme,Go to practice,So as not to waste treasures。
Ten thousand times faster,Three breathing exercises in the outside world,He realized the first level。
Thirty-two days,Li Ming Wu Tou Second。
Half a year,Li Ming realized the third level。
Under the acceleration of time,In more than 20 years, Li Mingwu achieved the fourth stage。
Three hundred and nineteen thousand years of entering Guyu Pagoda,Actually spent 3.19 million years,Li Ming Got the Fifth Level。
Sixth and Seventh Century,Actual experience time is 67 million years,Li Ming stood up suddenly,Five steps forward,Standing right on the stone platform。
First34chapter condition
Five seniors,Please also wish me a helping hand。”
Li Ming Langsheng Road,This《Five Cloud Lotus》A little insight,Natural youth,The altar stone platform is actually made to cultivate this supernatural power,You can use the stone platform to absorb the power of the five eternal sacred fires。
No answer,But five strands of eternal sacred fire emerged from the altar。
“Thank you senior!”Although I know this is the arrangement of Gu Yu,But thank you in good faith。
If you don’t rely on these five eternal fires,The sixth level of this supernatural power is almost impossible to cultivate。