China Airlines "Bai Run" first order class completion

On November 10th, the Guizhou Electronic Technology Vocational College held the first order class of China Airlines "Bai Run", and 23 students passed the assessment, and will go to the data center of each branch of Beijing Zhonghang Ji Run Technology Co., Ltd. Perform a one-year data center operation and maintenance internship. China Airlines "Bai Run" order class is the Guizhou Electronic Science and Technology Vocational College in recent years, in the real-time in the market, and jointly implemented the school-enterprise-enterprise cooperation in the school teaching guidelines and enterprises in the school. Directly intervene in the teaching process, facilitate students to master the skills of the company, understand the production and operation status of the company, and cultivate high-quality talents that meet the needs of enterprises and industry development and more competitive in the employment market. "Order class is an important way to train digital talents jointly and enterprises. By adhering to talented demand-oriented, encouraging companies to participate in students’ education and training, so that high quality and rapid increase in talent supply. Yang Guangyu, deputy dean of Guizhou Electronic Science and Technology Vocational College, said that in recent years, Guizhou Electronic Science and Technology Vocational College has adhered to the integration of education and education, continuously strengthening school-enterprise cooperation, further expanding the employment channel of students, forming mutual band interaction, complement, resource sharing, resource sharing, A new pattern of common development. (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.