[Ancient contraception methods]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraception

[Ancient contraception methods]_Contraception_How to do_How to contraception_Contraception

In the distant ancient times, people also used some contraceptive methods during sexual intercourse.

Although there were no restrictions on the population at that time, having too many children would also bring a heavy financial burden on the family.

Therefore, some methods are usually used to prevent contraception to prevent accidental pregnancy, so that they will not add plasma to themselves. So what are the methods of contraception in ancient people?

In ancient times, there were also records of using “condoms”. They used animal casings, some said sheep, and some said that pig bladder was an early “condom”. However, according to historical records, the “condoms” used in medieval medieval courts in the West”” Is the casing of the animal, and there is a nice name-“Dutch hat”.

The ancient Chinese also used fish maw as a “condom”.

In the museum’s collection, there are condoms completed by the ancients with sheep intestines, which are a bit close to the prototype of modern condoms.

In India and Egypt more than 3,000 years ago, the feces of animals believed to have mysterious powers such as crocodiles and elephants were also used in contraceptives.

In fact, because these animal feces are highly acidic, it does have some spermicidal effect.

However, the strong stench brought by animal manure obviously affected the “sexual interest” of ancient couples.

Other contraceptive methods: ** After squatting to discharge semen, sneeze, and jump up and down.

The ancient Greeks believed that using mingling staff, wine, sea water, creosote soap, or vinegar to wash them could also achieve contraceptive purposes.

It is said that attaching a musk to a prostitute’s navel can prevent contraception. Some sisters Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede, who are regarded as the most beautiful in China, have adopted such contraceptive measures.

Of course, Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede cannot call them prostitutes, but they all share the same path.

This kind of navel stick is called “belly stick”.

Sticking it on the navel can end the conception of a woman’s belly, and she can no longer get pregnant, but this “belly paste” has been lost.

The above clearly introduced what the ancient consensus methods have. I hope everyone can have a correct understanding of this.

Some indicators of ancient contraceptive measures, the current contraceptive measures, the probability of failure is still very high.

And there are some methods that will lay a lot of hidden dangers to women’s health. Of course, the transformation of the era and the consensus measures are constantly improving.