[Effects and Functions of Mountain Mast]_Benefits_Premise

[Effects and Functions of Mountain Mast]_Benefits_Premise

Shanweizi is a fruit of a plant. It grows in the wild and has certain medicinal effects. Therefore, Shanweizi can be implanted with traditional Chinese medicine. Shanweizi has the effects of clearing heat and removing fire.

In fact, a large number of people do not know what Shanweizi is, and some people have not even heard the name.

The following is a detailed introduction to the efficacy and role of Shanweizi.

Efficacy: The leaves, flowers, fruits and roots of Mandrill can be used as medicine, which has the functions of clearing heat, purging fire, detoxifying and cooling blood.

Mountain mast cotyledons: used for hit injuries.

Use fresh leaves to make a paste and apply to the affected area, which can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and reduce swelling and pain.

Its juice is used to wash hemorrhoids, and toxins are scattered.

Common fresh products 30 120 g.

Mountain gardenia flower: Qingfei, cooling blood.

Use three flowers and decoction with a small amount of honey to cure lung heat cough and spit yellow sputum.

Use a few pieces of flowers and blow nose to cure nosebleeds.

Fruits and roots: Treatment of fever-related illnesses, irritations, yellow croakers, gonorrhea, red eyes, sore throat, blood stasis, sputum bleeding, hematuria, fever sores, sprains, swelling and pain.

Commonly used amount: 6 12 grams of dry product or fresh product.

Mangosteen fruit is a medicine for jaundice hepatitis and is often compatible with Yinchen and Rhubarb.

For treatment of contusion and contusion, first mash the vibrator, grind it into a coarse powder, add warm water to paste and add alcohol, cover the wound, and replace it every 35 days. If the swelling is obvious, change it every other day. Fractures should not be used.

When used for hemostasis, the roots must be crushed and placed in a pot and fried with martial arts until the color is burnt. After taking out, let cool and ready to use, it is called burnt root.

The role of Mandrill: Mandrill is also called gardenia, which is the fruit of the dicotyledon plant Rubiaceae plant.

There is purging fire and removing annoyance; clearing away heat and dampness; cooling blood and detoxifying.

Jiao Zizi: The effect of cooling blood to stop bleeding.

Indications Fever upset, redness of liver and fire, headache, hot and cold yellow rice, gonorrhea, hematuria, hematuria, sore tongue, sore and sore, sprain and swelling