“The old Taoist said,We killed Master Sheng before,Now I cleaned up Tuoba evil again,Equal to

Cut off two of the tentacles of Hainuo Lab on Hong Kong Island,Most of them won’t give up,Maybe send someone to find you。
The old Taoist means,Let you lead the snake out,He will ask a master to come and protect you。”
“protect me?It’s the person who led me to Heino Lab,Then the master will follow it again, right??”Lu Menglin laughed。
“correct!It seems you are sober,No need for me to remind。brothers,Can’t hold it?Or i stay?”Chudun said with a smile。
“Forget it,You better go!Unsuccessful learning,Go down the mountain without permission,Enough for you to drink a pot,Bring me two boxes of Maojian back to honor Daochang Li,Let’s go down after learning all the kung fu!”Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled。
“Troubled times will come,Taoist is going down the mountain!”Fat Dun shook his head and thought。
at dusk,Lantau Island No. 1 Villa Area,Chai and his son sit in a pavilion on the mountainside,Relatively speechless,Was silent for a long time。
“It surprised me that,That kid’s fate is really hard,Even Tuoba Evil can’t restrain him!”Chai Jinxiong was melancholy,Sigh。
Shao Chai dare not talk to me at this moment,Just bowed my head and thought,I knew that Lu Menglin had such a great ability,I shouldn’t provoke him at all。
For Tuoba E,Chai Shao is awe from the heart,I feel terrified even in contact with each other,He can’t imagine,Someone can actually fight that kind of fierce person,And beat it,Personally sent to the police station。
now,In Chai Shao’s heart,The power shown by Lu Menglin,Has far exceeded my psychological endurance,He even feels that this level of enemies is no longer what he can handle。
“what happened to you?Scared?What a waste!Lu Menglin,Just scared you like this!Are you still worthy of being my son of Chai Jinxiong??”Chai Jinxiong scolded angrily。
Chai Shao dare not look up,Dare not refute father,He would rather get screamed,Don’t face people like Lu Menglin。
“You go to Legend Pictures again tomorrow,Give a big gift in the name of the company。”Chai Jinxiong said solemnly。
Chai nodded,I thought you were not afraid,Are you afraid that you want me to give gifts?
“Don’t make them suspicious。and also,You can win that Jiang Qizhi to me,When the time comes,I want to withdraw all my bets。”Chai Jinxiong said viciously。
Chai Shao raised his head,Took a look at father,Wryly smiled:“What time is there?Now everyone is standing on the side of Lu,Unless he walks and gets hit by a car,Mi choked to death during dinner,Otherwise we still have a chance?”
Chai Jinxiong sneered, shaking his head:“idiot,I let you do it, just do it,Don’t ask so much。There are some things I can’t tell you yet,You just wait。and also,Tuoba evil can’t stay,Now we must not let people know that we are related to him,You do one more thing for me!”